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Lera Kudryavtseva urgently removed breast implants: what happened and how to avoid it



The other day, TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva underwent an emergency operation to remove implants from her breast. Now the TV presenter criticizes the procedure for increasing the bust and advises her subscribers not to even think about it. turned to specialists to figure out what could happen to Lera’s breast and how to avoid it.


In the late night of December 24, 48-year-old Lera Kudryavtseva reported terrible news. A popular TV presenter needed an emergency operation to remove implants from the chest. Lera admitted that 15 years ago she increased the bust in one of the best clinics in St. Petersburg. All this time, the star was absolutely not bothered by anything. However, during a recent examination, it turned out that for several years the implant in the left chest was seriously damaged.

“It takes 5-6 years. Where could one not just start flowing during this time ... ”- a shocked star wrote in her microblog.

Kudryavtseva said that she underwent surgery to remove implants and excise the spread of silicone from body tissues. Now the presenter is still under the supervision of doctors. The woman promised that as soon as she felt better, she would definitely tell what happened to her.

“If my story saves at least a few girls from installing implants, then it’s not in vain. I have a lot of information, and suddenly someone hears me, ”Lera concluded.


In the hope of learning new information, Internet users are closely monitoring the social networks of Kudryavtseva and asking about her condition. However, among the subscribers of the star there are those who do not understand how this could even happen.

“Have you not noticed for so many years that something is wrong with your breasts? And where, one wonders, did the doctors look? Or maybe you did not conduct mandatory medical examinations? ”- followers are indignant.

Photo: tried to find out why such a misfortune unexpectedly happened to Lera. The publication appealed to the candidates of medical sciences, plastic surgeons Yuri Dikov, Dmitry Melnikov (network of clinics "Family") and Ilya Sergeyev (clinic "Doctor Plastic") to talk about the risks associated with the installation of implants.

Was or was not

Yuri Dikov doubted that Kudryavtseva really needed an emergency operation.

“Most often, rupture of the implant does not cause any complaints. A person may not feel a defect at all and live with him calmly - this is usually found out when studying the results of MRI or ultrasound. In this case, the surgeon recommends not to urgently, but in a planned manner, change the implants or remove them. Most likely, this operation was expected and planned, ”the specialist suggests.

Yuri was also surprised how the doctors of Lera could not notice the damage to the implant for so long - especially considering that they examined the star every year, as Kudryavtseva herself assures.

“During the ultrasound, the shell of the implant is very clearly visible, and if there is a defect, it will immediately become noticeable,” the plastic surgeon is sure.

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No need to panic

In her frank post, Lera said that she had implants installed premium American brand McGhan.

“All implants used in Russia are filled with silicone gel - including McGhan. This means that even if you cut this implant in half, nothing will flow out of it - it's not a liquid, ”Yuri explains. The specialist does not deny that 15-year-old implants may differ slightly from those used today. However, in those days, the products were filled with gel - Russian doctors are not used to experimenting in this area.

“In the USA, for example, another type of implant is used, inside of which is a normal saline solution. If they are damaged, the liquid will begin to spread throughout the body, without causing any harm to it. The only unpleasant moment is that the breast will quickly lose its volume. As you understand, the patient will immediately notice this, ”says Dikov.

The contents of the damaged implant could hardly greatly affect the health of Kudryavtseva.

“About a year after the operation, a capsule of collagen is formed around the implant - simply put, its protective shell. Therefore, in the worst case, the gel will fall precisely into this capsule, and will not spread further. Sometimes in this way a leaked implant causes discomfort: redness of the skin, tightness, pain. But in the vast majority of cases, patients do not feel anything - doctors are already finding it, ”says Dmitry Melnikov.


What is a "breast implant disease"

Also in the microblog, Kudryavtseva wrote that she was preparing to tell the public about the so-called “breast implant disease”. It is possible, in this way, the star wanted to hint that she had suffered precisely from her.

For the first time about this "disease" became known to the general public only in the summer of 2019. Then the well-known manufacturer of implants Allergan began to withdraw its products due to the appearance in some patients of lymphoma, an aggressive form of breast cancer, when the liquid begins to accumulate in the capsule for no apparent reason.

Over the past year, around 600 cases of the appearance of this type of tumor in patients with enlarged breasts were registered around the world - 12 of them died.

“It is worthwhile to understand that such statistics, although sad, are very insignificant in relation to the whole world: in Russia, there were no cases of lymphoma after plastic surgery at all. In addition, it is not entirely clear to me, and here is the case of Lera. If you believe the information from the microblog and media reports, Kudryavtseva has a banal implant rupture, not related to neoplasms. Also, with lymphoma, the patient develops immunodeficiency symptoms - for example, inflammation or a rash. It’s difficult to judge what exactly happened to the star, so we can wait for her detailed comments on this subject, ”says Ilya Sergeev, the founder of the Doctor Plastic clinic.

But Dmitry Melnikov heard about the "disease of breast implants" in a slightly different vein - sometimes this is called not only lymphoma.

“We can say that this 'disease' was invented in social networks, where they often discuss certain problems associated with plastic surgery. Strictly speaking, official medicine does not use such a term. But according to the patients' logic, it is clear that this means a set of unpleasant symptoms after an unsuccessful mammoplasty. Symptoms can be different: fatigue and frequent headaches, sleep disturbances, depression and anxiety, hair loss and skin rashes, ”the specialist is sure.


Requires victims

Of course, with breast augmentation, I really do not want to think about the fact that someday you will have to be on the operating table again or even earn some kind of illness. Therefore, implant manufacturers are trying to make products that will not let their owner in a year, or after 20 or 30 years.

“Often, when installing implants, they are given a lifetime warranty. But this only means that in case of any problems, the patient is obliged to provide new ones for free and to carry out the operation at the expense of the clinic. Damage to the implants is quite real - if, of course, we are talking about a serious injury, stab wound, strong compression or poorly performed surgery. In addition, even reputable manufacturers have a “defect”. But in general, the risk of such situations is estimated at only 1,5-3 percent of the total mass, ”explains Melnikov.

Unfortunately, at the moment, such a method of increasing the bust has not been developed that would not have even the slightest flaws.

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“Someone is afraid that a foreign object will be in their body for decades. But this should be treated normally: in plastic surgery there are no direct indications for the replacement of implants after 5, 10, 15 or more years. In addition, there are currently no adequate alternatives to silicone implants. Of course, there are procedures to increase the bust with adipose tissue and fillers and corrective techniques with mesothreads. But all this gives a temporary and hardly predictable effect, ”says Yuri Dikov.

A little earlier in aesthetic medicine, a polyacrylamide gel was used, due to which lips, buttocks, and chest were enlarged.

“As far as I know, many years ago, Lera resorted to such a procedure, although she did not mention it. But now gels are officially banned due to the high risk of inflammation and complications, ”says Yuri.

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In safety

Surely after studying the problem of damage to implants, the main question for many will be how to avoid them - unless, of course, we are talking about emergency traumatic situations.

The first few months after plastic surgery, women should not play sports and lift weights - loads directed to the upper body can adversely affect the healing of sutures. In general, experts claim that to take care of the health of the silicone breast, just regular visits to your doctor are enough.

“Each patient after surgery receives individual recommendations on the further regimen. There are no special prohibitions, the most important thing is to visit the surgeon 3, 6 and 12 months after the installation of the implants. Then you should come to him at least once every three years (and preferably annually) or if you experience unpleasant sensations in the chest area, ”advises Dmitry Melnikov.

In addition, every year after surgery, an ultrasound of the mammary glands should be performed, and its results should be shown to your specialist so that he understands whether everything is okay with the breast and implants. “If necessary, the doctor will determine all other appointments and tests after examining the ultrasound image, if he notices any complications,” Yuri Dikov explains.

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