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Leonid Agutin boasted the figure of Angelica Varum in a bikini. VIDEO


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Famous Russian Artists Leonid Agutin and Angelica Varum have been happy together for many years and try to spend as much time with each other as possible..

Photo: Instagram / agutinleonid

The other day, the couple had a short break in the tour, which they decided to spend by the sea. In his Instagram Agutin shared an emotional video featuring his wife.

The video was filmed while fishing. On it, Varum catches the fish she caught, and then releases her back to the sea. The artist signed the video: “The film“ Humane angler ”. Premiere! Starring Angelica Varum. Not a single fish suffered at all. ”

Most fans have paid attention not to the catch of Angelica, but to her gorgeous figure. In the frames, the actress is captured in a semi-transparent tunic worn over the bikini, and the appearance of the 49-year-old star is admirable.

Many subscribers of Agutin wrote compliments to his wife: “What a beautiful woman she is, after all,” “And Angelica is getting more and more beautiful over the years,” “Bravo, Varum! And for the fish, and for the figure "," You just can't take your eyes off the beautiful ... "," Angelica has perfect forms. Delight! ”,“ When you look at a stunningly beautiful woman, you understand that there is something to strive for! Thank you! ”,“ Super! How awesome She is ... Your Angelica. Together you are strength ”.

Agutin and Varum got married in 2000 year. Before that, artists met for several years. The couple have adult daughter Elizabethborn in 1999 year. The couple spends a lot of time in the United States, in particular, in his apartment in Miami, where parents live Varum and the daughter of spouses.

Leonid often exhibits photos of their joint walks in American cities, most of all admired admirers pictures of the singer without makeupbecause she looks tens of years younger than her age.

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