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Linen, cage and oversize: what clothes to choose so that sweat spots are not visible



Sweating is normal and correct, but no one wants to walk with huge spots around the armpits, stomach and back, even in the hottest weather. Memorize simple tips and remember that even if all else fails, sweat stains are not a shame, writes

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Heat is a constant companion of the summer period, and a properly selected wardrobe will help you feel comfortable in any weather. Today we'll talk about the most comfortable summer clothes, the selection of styles and fabrics!

Choose natural materials

Thin cotton will not hide wet spots, but it will help with proper thermoregulation. Unbearably hot in clothes made from natural materials does not get as fast as if you choose synthetics. In addition to cotton, pay attention to viscose and linen, which are not the first season. But remember: these materials wrinkle quickly, so take this into account so that the image does not look sloppy.

Choose thick fabrics

They keep their shape better and will not show wet places so quickly. But not everything will work. For example, when choosing a jacket-shirt made of dense material, be sure to read the label: it is desirable that in this case the composition corresponds to our first advice and is as natural as possible.

Don't be afraid of oversize

And again, everything is simple: fitted silhouettes and "slip-on" clothes will demonstrate your problem much faster. On tight-fitting T-shirts, wet spots will appear not only in the armpits, but also on the stomach and back.

Pay attention to the colors

Wet spots will be much less noticeable on printed fabric. For example, a fashionable Vichy cage or a small flower pattern will help here. If you need to opt for a monophonic thing, try on light shades - white, pale pink or light pastel colors.

Find a sleeveless top

Bandeau tops, halter and an American armhole, fashionable this season, can also become helpers and save not only from heat, but also from stains. If the dress code does not allow, the sleeves can always be covered with a loose jacket.

Sweat pads

Special inserts are securely fastened to clothing and absorb moisture while neutralizing the smell of sweat. They are fixed due to the adhesive layer, which does not leave marks on the fabric. One liner is enough for 1-2 days of protection against sweat and odor, depending on the intensity of perspiration. You can choose from 22 to 40 earbuds per set.


This special type of underwear, similar to lace elastic bands from stockings, but without the stockings themselves, will save the inner thigh from strong friction in the heat. Peeking out spicy from under a short skirt, these elastic bands look very playful, they can be easily made part of the image.

Breathable body

This underwear hides excess and emphasizes dignity. Here is a push-up, and breathable material, and a cut that forms the waist.

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