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Lady Gaga went to the hospital: the star has suffered from severe pain for years. A PHOTO


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American pop star Lady Gaga canceled her performance at the Brazilian festival Rock in Rio due to attacks of severe pain - she is now in hospital. In her Instagram and Twitter accounts, the singer apologized to the fans who went on a holiday for her.


The actress was urgently hospitalized - it became known earlier that she suffers from fibromyalgia. This is a chronic disease characterized by symmetrical pains throughout the body, both bone and muscle. At the moment, medical science has not fully studied the disease and therefore its treatment is difficult.


“I would do anything for you, but now I have to take care of my body,” Gaga writes to her fans in Brazil. The singer asked the audience for forgiveness and understanding and promised to come and sing for the Brazilians as soon as possible. Lady Gaga was scheduled to perform on Friday. The organizers will refund the money to those who bought tickets to hear and see the star.

Tattoo RIO on the nape of the singer:


On Instagram, Gaga shares pain relief tools: a special ultraviolet sauna, and simpler - attaching packages of frozen carrots or peas to sore spots.

In her new documentary film "Gaga: Five Feet and Two", presented at the Toronto Film Festival, the singer talks about life with a serious illness. Its goal was to help people learn more about the disease, to unite those who suffer from fibromyalgia, to share information. The fact that she suffers from chronic pain, Lady Gaga spoke five years ago, but only now has she discovered the true cause of the problem. The picture has already appeared on American screens.

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