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Soviet-era lifehacks: how our mothers and grandmothers simplified life



Modern man to live is quite simple - if there is a problem, then you need to go to the Internet and see how someone has already coped with it. And then - go and buy the right product in any store.

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And it was much more difficult for our grandparents because in the USSR, as we know, it was not so good with the dissemination of information, and in the shops often quite empty shelves were waiting for people. So I had to invent life hacking myself in order to live somehow. And some of these life hacking will tell

Painting things

Old washing machines, not yet equipped with filters and an automatic drain system, could also be used to paint things. Any aniline dye was taken, filled in instead of washing powder, and then the process started. That's just not all things and materials experienced such a coloring. Hence the common saying - “paint it and throw it away”. Just about things that have not experienced such a difficult process.

Remnants of

They were not thrown out. Rather, on the contrary, they were stored, and when the stock became sufficient, the soap was put in a jar and filled with hot water. It turned out a simple soap solution - a kind of classic detergent. After which, however, had to wash soap marks. But it was already easier.

Stretching shoes

Good shoes were not just a little, but very few, so people bought not by size, but by availability. And if the large size could be compensated with socks and paper, then with a smaller one it was a bit more complicated. But here we found a way out - you just had to put a plastic bag with water in each shoe, and then put it all in the freezer. Water freezes evenly when it freezes, so that the boot stably stretches by a size or two. Best of all it worked with leather shoes, but with textiles - alas, not always.

Old sheets

If the sheet was torn - it was sewn up. But if you wiped a large piece, you had to improvise. Most often, the middle was cut out with wiping, and the remaining two pieces were sewn with distant edges. It turned out a sheet with a seam in the middle and with partially wiped edges, but it was still possible to use it.

Squeeze rollers

Most old washing machines were equipped with this important tool. It is now the people know that a strong mechanical effect on wet things leads to their damage, and then they tried not to think about it. But the roller from the outdated washing machine turned into an indispensable assistant in the kitchen, since it greatly facilitated the process of rolling out the dough.

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