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Life hacking: how to save money in the USA with online coupons


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You can talk for a long time about how expensive everything is in America, or you can look for reasonable and simple ways to save money, sometimes getting goods almost free. That is, for nothing. And even without going anywhere: a laptop or even a smartphone is enough. Let's talk about online coupons.

According to statistics, more than 70% of Americans use coupons to get discounts on purchases or services. And this is not only promotional offers for goods in supermarkets or home appliances stores. Coupons can apply to beauty services, a restaurant, a travel company, an entertainment center, and so on.


If you decide to seriously do savings with the help of online coupons, all this can be turned into an exciting game. But to get out of it a winner, it is important to take into account a number of nuances. So what do you need to know about online coupons?

Start a calendar
The best coupon offers usually appear three times a month - 1-3 days, 14-16 and 28-30 (31) days of the month. Mark these days on the calendar and visit the websites of online stores to catch the most profitable coupons. Check out the sites during the holidays: great time for suggestions. 14-28 days are good for ordering tours, as a rule, they are relevant next month.

Do not wait - look!
You should not expect that a good coupon will miraculously fall into your email inbox. Regularly visit special sites that offer online coupons for online stores and retail offline networks, study them and choose the best deals (list below).

Pay attention to the terms
Be attentive to details: coupons have expiration dates that stores have the right to change at their own discretion. It is not uncommon - a reduction in time of use, which may be due to increased demand or a limited number of products. Therefore, you should learn about the term in advance and use the coupon faster.

Trust but verify
Make sure that the discount was calculated before placing the order - if you entered the information incorrectly or another error occurred, the coupon will not work after the purchase.


Add up the discounts
The best way to use coupons (if the store allows it) is to combine your customer discount with a coupon discount, or use the free delivery option by summing up with the coupon offer. In addition, you can use several coupons: for example, for delivery and for a discount at the same time. Find out in advance whether this can be done in a particular store.

Watch the numbers
Pay attention to the expression in which the discount is offered - it can be dollars or a percentage of the purchase amount. In each case, it can be profitable both ways. Spend a few minutes, take a calculator and calculate what is right for you.

Be careful with someone else's coupons.
Sites on which users are allowed to publish coupons, much more often contain a lot of erroneous, already used or overdue offers. Use sites where publications are allowed only by manufacturers, or be extremely attentive to the details on the rest.

Where to look for coupons for online and offline purchases?

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  7. Retail Me Not
  8. Groupon
  9. LivingSocial
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