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Life hack: how to check the comfort of high-heeled shoes without trying on


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All girls dream of fluttering in high heels, only many refuse this venture. Everyone knows that shoes with “stiletto heels” are rarely comfortable, this fact makes us switch to something more “mundane”, writes Furnish Home.

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Even after the preliminary fitting it is impossible to say for sure that the shoes will be used 100%. After all, it happens that everything is comfortable in the store, and after the first walk it seems that these shoes are impossible to wear. Fortunately, there is one useful life hack.

What affects usability?

A block of high-heeled shoes can be terrible or quite comfortable to wear. Neither the height of the heel, nor the toe part, affects the comfort.

The foot has the largest number of bones in the human body. Moreover, the bones there are small and very fragile. The arch of the foot, when we wear high-heeled shoes, is unnaturally deformed. However, this deformation can cause less leg fatigue, and maybe, on the contrary, more.

What exactly causes arch stress? Its maximum curvature. Therefore, you need to select shoes with heels that will provide the arch of the foot the most comfortable position.

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Life hack to choose a comfortable couple

The height between the tip of the heel and the sole affects the height of the arch! The more centimeters between your heel on the heel and the toe of the shoe, the more comfortable this pair will be.

The secret is simple: you need to measure live or from a photo the distance from the tip of the heel to the sole of the shoes and choose the pair where it is larger. The farther the heel is from the sole, the less the arch of the foot bends and the sock is more comfortable. This angle affects the elevation of the arch: the sharper it is, the faster the leg gets tired.

This rule works 100% only with “hairpins”. That is, with high heels and thin soles. Louboutins, strip shoes and similar shoes have a thickened toe, there is a different structure of the last, and measuring the distance from the tip of the heel to this platform is not so informative. The angle is very difficult to measure there. It is better to choose such shoes by fitting.

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