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Life hacking: what to do if you forgot to use deodorant



You got up, got together, drove to work in a stuffy public transport, and found, entering the office, that you had completely forgotten about deodorant!

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Relax, this is not the end of the world, because we know 3 how to neutralize the unpleasant smell, writes

1 method

You will need a sanitizer for your hands, preferably without fragrances and odor. Put it in your armpits and wait a few seconds until it dries.

In general, the danger is eliminated! And this elementary method works because an unpleasant smell appears on the body due to bacteria, and alcohol (the main ingredient of the sanitizer) simply kills them. In addition, alcohol helps sweat to evaporate faster.

2 method

You will need a lemon. Surely, in the office kitchen you will find a couple of slices of citrus, but do not rush to throw them into tea - today they will be useful in a completely different place. Girls from hot Brazil are held in the armpits on a lemon slice for a few minutes - they say that this simple procedure can get rid of sweat for the whole day.

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Most likely, the antibacterial properties of lemon (similar to the antimicrobial ingredients of deodorants) come into play. But we do not recommend using lime - it is too aggressive with tender and innocent armpits.

3 method

You will need vinegar. A cotton pad dipped in vinegar will absorb everything and will definitely save you from the unpleasant smell of sweat.
But here there is another problem - vinegar has its own quite strong smell - be prepared for a new flavor.

PS The problem is fixed for a while, and we advise you to buy an extra deodorant and put it in a working nightstand - just for such unforeseen cases.

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