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Lady in red: fatal red dresses in movies


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Whatever one may say, but red is the color of love. By the way, Valentine's Day is almost on the nose, so do not waste time in vain and it's time to take a closer look at romantic outfits, writes Today.Lifestyle.

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If you have not yet figured out how to spend Valentine's Day, please rate our a selection of the coolest ideas for a romantic evening.

"Gone With the Wind"

Screenshot: Till Rye / YouTube

The luxurious outfit, in which Vivien Leigh appeared in the legendary picture, will blow anyone away. The dress is made of velvet and decorated with feathers and stones. Open shoulders and plunging neckline accentuate the figure and create a very sensual and daring look. When, if not on Valentine's Day, wear such beauty ?!


Screenshot: IconicGurlz / YouTube

A dress will suit daring ladies, like the heroine Cameron Diaz in the comedy "The Mask". This is a bright red skin-tight dress with a side slit that goes well with any heels.

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"Until I meet you"

Screenshot: Movie Trailers / YouTube

For shy women, a classic dress like Emilia Clarke's will be an excellent option for Valentine's Day. There is nothing superfluous here, everything is simple and concise. But it is the color that makes this outfit seductive.

"Beautiful girl"

Screenshot: BestClipsRU / YouTube

An elegant outfit comes from a dress and long gloves like Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman. The image must be complemented with an ornament on the neck and make a beautiful hairstyle so that everything looks harmonious.

"Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"

Screenshot: Irina Rodina / YouTube

Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell perform the musical number "Two Little Girls from Little Rock" in red dresses sparkling with hundreds of sequins. The girls sing that "men are the same everywhere." Their heroines strive for marriage and therefore it is no coincidence that they appear in revealing dresses, demonstrating all their charms. Seeing a woman in such a dress in the 1950s was unthinkable even on set, so the deep top neckline is false: the edge of the flesh that covers the actresses' neckline is hidden under their sparkling necklaces.

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"Inglourious Basterds"

Screenshot: Matt Marovich / YouTube

The Inglourious Basterds heroine chose a red dress for the fateful evening as a sign that she is determined. If you are not afraid to be in the spotlight and want to emphasize your seriousness, choose an outfit with long sleeves. And don't forget the veil.

"The matrix"

Screenshot: Flashback FM / YouTube

A blonde in a bright scarlet dress against the background of a gray crowd of clerks looks like a semaphore pole, and her appearance literally screams: "Do not be distracted, Neo!" But Neo, a beginner in simulations and the world of the Matrix, of course, is swallowing the bait - it is simply impossible not to turn to such an archetypal image. Let your outfit on Valentine's Day be eye-catching!

As you can see, red can make even the simplest clothes bright and memorable, let alone holiday dresses. We wish you to look great not only on February 14, but also on any other day!

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