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Lyudmila Prokofievna’s apartment from Office Romance: curious details that you did not pay attention to


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The author of the blog "Treasures of the flea market" on "Yandex Zen»Invites you to look into the apartment of a twelve-story building on Bolshaya Nikitskaya no. 43, where the most romantic date of the cult film" Office Romance "took place. Further - from the first person.

Screenshot: Cinema Concern "Mosfilm" / YouTube

"Office Romance" was released in 1977. The success of the film was frantic. I remember how I defended a long line to buy a ticket.

Since then, I watched this movie a hundred times, if not more. Lyudmila Prokofievna from the film I really love, as well as Alice Freindlich, who played this role. Part of the scenes takes place in the apartment of the main character. The interior has a lot of interesting details that I like to consider, because they also say a lot about the character of the famous boss.

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Lyudmila Prokofievna lived in a "candle house" on Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 43 "A". By any measure, the apartment is good. Spacious, comfortable layout. Elite. And it is furnished with love, despite the fact that the hostess is a busy person and is “on fire” at work.

Screenshot: Cinema Concern "Mosfilm" / YouTube

Most of the talking details in the living room. Delicate light gray striped wallpaper is successfully complemented by dense curtains of deep gray-green color. This color scheme is supported by shaggy pillows on the sofa.

The geometric pattern of the tulle is combined with the pattern of the floor lamp standing at the window. It is evident that the hostess has a good taste, despite the fact that she herself at the beginning of the film dressed like a real mum.

Screenshot: Cinema Concern "Mosfilm" / YouTube

On the walls there is a painted decorative plate, a small landscape in a frame, complemented by a beautiful candlestick. A large reproduction grabs attention - the work of Amadeo Modigliani.

According to one version, this is a portrait of Anna Akhmatova, in which the artist was passionately in love. It seems that Kalugina perfectly knew this romantic story associated with the picture.

Screenshot: Cinema Concern "Mosfilm" / YouTube

And the fact that this image dominates the situation, in my opinion, speaks of a good humanitarian education and a well-known romantic character.

The bookcase is filled with books, but there was a place for trinkets. Several figures are on the cabinet. It seems that these are souvenirs that we all bring from trips. I would like to make out figures of armed knights, but in the film their details are poorly distinguishable.

The furniture corresponds to the status of Kalugin. Soundly and modern - a rectangular table at which the characters were explained, a polished bookcase, an armchair with tapestry upholstery.

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A TV set against the wall, a “Estonia-stereo” player and a stylish radio - Lyudmila Prokofievna acquired all this, apparently in the hope of diversifying her leisure time, which was always too much for her due to her loneliness.

Of household appliances, the Whirlwind vacuum cleaner is noteworthy. The heroine is engaged in cleaning before calling Novoseltsev and arrange an interrogation about the presented flowers.

Screenshot: Cinema Concern "Mosfilm" / YouTube

In Ryazanov's films, not a single detail is accidental - and we see children's and family photos behind the glass of the closet, a funny shabby tiger in the hallway by the mirror, beautiful bouquets of dry autumn leaves.

A beautiful crystal chandelier with pendants is a real interior decoration. Moreover, she sparkles, however, like everything in Kalugina's apartment - the statistician loves order in everything.

Screenshot: Cinema Concern "Mosfilm" / YouTube

Instead of a sofa - an ottoman with a sheep skin and pillows. A straw rug on the wall by the couch. A beige patterned carpet on the floor is an invariable attribute of the interior of the 70s.

Kalugina's entrance hall is small, but the layout is comfortable. Places both a hanger and a round mirror - it is illuminated by a sconce with a milk shade.

Screenshot: Cinema Concern "Mosfilm" / YouTube

Here is a wonderful abstract framed print, which is clearly visible when the characters rush to save the unfortunate cat stuck in the drainpipe.

Screenshot: Kinokoncern "Mosfilm" / YouTube

Nowhere is the hostess’s nature so clearly visible as in the kitchen. Light furniture is familiar to most of us; many had such headsets. White refrigerator, white tile, mint-colored locker doors.

Screenshot: Cinema Concern "Mosfilm" / YouTube

A bright, joyful impression is enhanced by colorful curtains and cute little things - a large Zhostovo tray on the table, numerous ceramic jars, simple but pretty dishes.

The balcony overlooking Kalugina is notable for translucent fencing plates. I still did not understand what it was made of, most likely plastic.

Screenshot: Cinema Concern "Mosfilm" / YouTube

Everything here is like ordinary Soviet people - a clothesline hangs. And Lyudmila Prokofievna, like all of us, keeps three-liter cans on the balcony.

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The house of the main character of "Office Romance" has survived to this day. Three brick twelve-story "candles" were then inhabited exclusively by representatives of the managerial elite, nomenclature workers.

And the entrance has not changed, and the appearance of the house, except that the glass blocks on the stairwells partially suffered, and the fencing of the balconies became more cloudy from time to time.

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