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Opinion: what psychologists will scold modern parents for in 50 years


Source: Kinderchat on Yandex.Zen

We are used to scolding our grandmothers for having generated a lot of stereotypes around children and their upbringing. Have you ever thought that our children and grandchildren would think of us in exactly the same way? Channel Author "Kinderchat" on Yandex.Zen gives 5 reasons why modern psychologists will be abused in 50 years by all psychologists in the world.

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1. Children need to be developed at all costs

The fear that your child will be the worst of all often pushes mothers to “organize” their children too hard. This is evidenced by the fact that in popular developing groups, recruitment begins at 8 (eight!) months. If the child is not very interested in classes and he resists them in every possible way, then mothers increase the load. Of course, not everyone does this, but the demand for child development centers is growing at a frantic pace. Whether children become “better” is unknown, but mothers are definitely calmer.

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2. All the best for children

The popularization of “mom blogging” partly led to the emergence of a cult of the child in many families. No, parents have always given the best to their children, but before that healthy food, sweets and a ticket to a summer camp were considered the best. Today, values ​​have changed, and instead of a camp, children are given “apple” gadgets and branded sneakers. Often, the parents themselves dress and use the technique of less popular brands.

3. It is important to raise a child as a leader

Modern parents choose leadership as one of the main goals of education. This does not always take into account the individual characteristics of the child. Everyone cannot be a leader, there is always one leader in a pack. Isn't it better to concentrate on the harmonious development of the child so that he can calmly find his place in life and be happy?

4. Children should be supervised at all stages of life

It does not matter that this myth automatically makes the previous one impossible. "Instamoms" never let their kids fall off the swing and I won't let that happen! And I will not allow him to communicate with the “wrong” children, I will be in touch with the teacher and I will control the completion of homework. Yes, of course, modern life is fraught with many dangers, but the child must be gradually released - only in this way will he become an independent and independent person.

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5. It is necessary to create the appearance of an ideal family

This problem has been at all times, but today it is gaining unprecedented momentum. The whole fault of the social network with perfect photos of families with children. The race for the perfect picture gives rise to serious neuroses that mothers pass on to their children.

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