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Culinary oddities that can only be found in Americans


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American cuisine is rich in vibrant and varied dishes, many of which may surprise new arrivals in the country, writes Spoon spoon.

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Each nation has its own culinary traditions, but Americans sometimes surprise and shock Russian people with their extraordinary dishes.


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Americans rarely peel off root crops: they are sure (and quite rightly) that it contains the most valuable substances. Visitors are surprised by a dish called potato skins, which means “potato peel”.

And if you were served peeled potatoes, then it was canned in a jar.

"Ants on a log"

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A dish quite familiar to Americans surprises with its appearance and taste: celery stalks are spread with peanut butter and raisins are added on top. This snack is loved by American children.


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Natural coffee somehow did not find much demand among Americans, so they add all sorts of products to the drink: mint, caramel, ginger, pumpkin and other ingredients. And traditionally drink coffee on the go.

Dessert "Red Velvet"

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An unusual bright red color dessert is served with coffee. Its taste does not cause any association with red products: it is just a food coloring.

Strange combinations of ingredients

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In America, for breakfast, you can easily be served chicken with a side dish of waffles and honey (maple syrup). Or pancakes with bacon, generously seasoned with maple syrup. By the way, Americans love bacon paired with chocolate.

Melted marshmallows

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Americans first roast marshmallows (marshmallows) on fire, then put them between cookies, adding chocolate. This snack is called S'more.

Ice Cream Soda

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Root Beer Floats is a dessert, but the taste is very difficult to describe. Try to imagine the taste of kvass, to which a lot of ice cream was added ...

All deep-fried

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Everything that can be eaten, Americans like to deep-fry. They believe that food should be crunchy. Even pickled cucumbers are fried in batter! Such a dish will also surprise you very much: a piece of butter, fried in batter, is strung on a stick.

Frito Pie

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The Americans call this dish a pie, although it is made from Fritos chips, chili and melted cheese. And they serve a “pie” right in the bag in which there were chips.

Sandwich with Jam and Peanut Butter

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It is difficult for a Russian person to understand the classics of American cuisine - a sweet peanut butter sandwich topped with jam.

Fruit ice

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This is ordinary crushed ice, on top of which syrup is poured. What did Americans not like with ordinary ice cream or sorbet?

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