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Who and how much pays for the royal wardrobe Megan Markle


Source: People

On Monday, Megan Markle took part in a formal event for the first time in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II. Thus, the royal personage confirmed the right of Prince Harry's bride to be considered a member of the royal family.

Megan was wearing a white coat from British designer Amanda Wakely worth $ 1,000, which instantly - like other outfits Markle - attracted the attention of fashionistas around the world, writes People.

Along with the rest of her enviable wardrobe, including coat Sentalerwhich Megan wore for Christmas, designer jeans from the chic collection Hiut - Markle's clothes always go hand in hand with high value. And all this is paid out of their own pocket.

As suggested by the publication, most likely, Megan and Harry pay for things themselves. Royals do not have the right to take as a gift designer clothes, unlike movie stars or scenes.

Assistants, such as Natasha Archer, working for Kate Middleton, as a rule, order several variants of clothes from the designer, only the one that Kate chooses is paid for, and the rest are returned.

After the wedding of Megan and Harry, which will take place on May 19 at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, the cost of Megan’s clothing for official public appearances will be covered with money that Prince Charles gives Prince William, Kate and Harry from his income in the Duchy of Cornwall (about 28 million ).

Last year, the young royal trio attracted the expenses necessary for their public life (salaries, office expenses and other expenses) from a fund in the amount of 4,8 million US dollars. This portion of Charles’s official expenses also covers other accounts, including some capital costs.

Caused a storm of delight dress from Ralph & Russoin which Megan appeared in December in official portraits with Harry, created in honor of the engagement, cost 78 thousands of US dollars.

36-year-old Megan is known to have earned roughly 50 000 dollars per series by the end of her seven-year filming experience Suits.
According to Money, Harry's net profit is estimated at about 25 million dollars. After the death of Princess Diana in Paris in 1997, Harry and William shared 20 with a million dollars of their mother's inheritance. The money was placed in a fund to which they did not have access until 30 years.

Some insiders claimed that Harry received more than William from his great-grandmother, the queen mother, who died in 2002. Cause? She knew that Harry, in addition to the fact that he would most likely never inherit the throne, would not yet become the owner of the Duchy of Cornwall, which would be transferred to William when Prince Charles occupied the royal throne.

Meanwhile, fashion experts say that Megan’s views on elegant and expensive clothes continue to evolve in recent months.

“She started choosing more elaborate outfits, and definitely longer models,” says style guru from the UK Hilary Alexander.

Bozena Sentaler, founder and designer of a brand of luxury outerwear Sentalerwhich Megan often wears (she has at least five coats of alpaca wool) says:

“She can present both an evening dress and a formal attire effectively. I think people just love to see the variety of her fashion designs. ”

Hilary Alexander adds: "She is very aware of which things are photogenic and which are not, and it is very smart to choose clothes that way."

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