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Blood in a suitcase and other strange travel features of the royal family


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In the life of the royal family there are many regulations regarding travel: baggage, food, what you need to take with you on a trip, how much time to spend at an event and on vacation. Some of them seem even absurd, but nevertheless, the reasons for their occurrence are quite understandable and logical.

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To study the list of strange but nevertheless necessary rules that members of the British royal family follow in their travels, suggests

1. Their trips are boring and short

Princes, dukes and even the queen herself can only dream of private travels with walks, excursions and gatherings in cafes. Of course, in their position, they can afford to visit anywhere in the world, but still you will not particularly envy them. The royal family spends most of their time in formal meetings, and they have every minute scheduled, right down to what time they need to leave the event and get in the car. And they often have only 40 minutes to visit the most famous places in the world.

2. Take their own alcohol

This rule was introduced several centuries ago. For their own safety, monarchs never buy alcohol abroad, do not drink in bars, and take their own supplies from the royal cellar on trips according to their preferences. For example, Prince Charles and his wife take with them dry red wine and gin and tonic.

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3. And two sets of outfits

Queen's personal assistant and her stylist Angela Kelly always takes on 2 identical outfits for Elizabeth II on a journey. This is due to the fact that the queen always and everywhere needs to look perfect. You never know what a nuisance, but it should quickly and quietly change the outfit for others. Of course, there should be no spots, holes, hemmed suits.

4. And also always put a black suit in a suitcase

In luggage, monarchs always have a black suit. And this is not for business events, but a special measure in case someone from their loved ones dies while they are abroad. Then upon return everyone will be dressed appropriately.

This rule was introduced after in 1952, Queen Elizabeth II was in Africa and learned about the death of her father. Upon arrival at home, she had to wait on the plane until a black mourning costume was brought.

5. And my own blood supply

Perhaps the most unusual piece of luggage of the royal family. But according to the rules of the protocol, they take a supply of blood with each country. This is for emergency travel. In addition, a doctor must be nearby for transfusion, so a personal doctor also always travels with family members.

6. They are accompanied by a whole retinue of assistants

Members of the British royal family take a retinue of assistants with them wherever they go. Secretaries, hairdressers, bodyguards, stylists, nannies - everyone who is needed on the trip will definitely go with them. The Queen's retinue is 34 people, the Dukes of Cambridge - about 10.

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7. Must be able to greet people in all languages ​​of the world

As members of the British Monarchy, family members must learn basic greetings in the languages ​​of the countries to which they are sent. And also to know and demonstrate the etiquette rules of the country of visit. They always have helpers on hand who prepare them in advance for an important trip. And also on all trips abroad they are accompanied by translators - native speakers of the country, in order to avoid pauses in the conversation and to give answers to any questions in a timely manner.

8. Individual menu for each family member

Palace workers agree in advance on food requirements for monarchs with foreign chefs. You can’t add garlic and too many spices (for freshness of the Queen’s breath), there should be no seafood and other dishes that can lead to poisoning or poor health. The Queen herself keeps her favorite dish a secret, because she is sure that if she tells, then she will be cooked only everywhere.

Agree, it is difficult to be a member of the British royal family, despite all their wealth.

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