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Colorful old age: the brightest grandmothers on Instagram


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A positive and easy outlook on life, smiles, unusual jewelry and outfits, bright colors - all this is inherent in the heroines of our collection.


Who said fashion is for young people? Fashion beyond age - this is what the most stylish and fashionable grandmothers that we found in Instagram. Subscribe to them - it's worth it!

Leslie Crawford @lesleyhasmanyhats

Leslie Crawford cannot imagine herself without a variety of hats. Even the name of her account translates as "Leslie has a lot of hats." In most of the photographs, she shows off spectacular hats that complement no less original outfits.

Iris Apfel @ iris.apfel

Here Iris is not an ordinary grandmother at all. Indeed, in her case, fashion is also her profession. At one time, she created a company for the production of fabrics, which is now one of the largest and most important in the world. In addition, Iris, who is already 95 years old, is a style icon, model, collector and designer, as well as a frequenter of all major and significant shows of Fashion Week.

Buddy winkle @baddiewinkle

Buddy from Kentucky, who has passed over 87 years, is probably the main and most "crazy" star Instagram. She is the face of the brand Dimepiece, tries to attend all the loudest, controversial events and make friends with different celebrities. Vinkle herself, without going into age restrictions, prefers to wear kitsch youth clothing psychedelic colors, large gold accessories and bright shoes on the platform.

Cynthia Pastor @sin60style

The unique Cynthia Pastor in her ability to combine the most incompatible things will easily plug any star stylist into the belt at any time of the day. At the same time, she does all this so easily and naturally, that literally every one of her new images, no matter how eccentric he is, very quickly wants to repeat on herself.

Linda Rodin @lindaandwinks

Linde 69 years. A little earlier she was a successful model, after which she decided not to leave the fashion world and became a stylist. Considering the fact that today Rodin is the editor Harper's Bazar, she did it very well. In her looks, Linda prefers massive accessories, large frames, while gravitating towards a very laconic cut. In addition, a separate pleasure is how she plays with the latest fashion trends without losing her own style. It's beautiful!

Beatrix Ost @beatrixost

Each person with taste has certain "chips" that he carries through the years, all the more this applies to such an icon of style, which, no doubt, is Beatrix Ost! For example, Ost simply adores jewelry and various turbans, which she wears both on weekdays and at social events.

Debra Rapoport @debrarapoport


Another lover of hats - Debra, who lives in New York. Her life is also closely connected with the world of fashion. Debra Rapoport not only amazes people around her with her eccentric outfits, but also maintains her own fashion blog. In addition, almost all the amazing and original hats, which can be seen on Debre, she sews herself.

Sarah jane adams @saramaijewels

Sarah Jane is known not only for looking for new and fresh faces for the model business, but also for being a star. Instagram. In addition, she is still the model itself. Sarah Jane looks like a fashionable star: stylish, deliberately eclectic, bright ... Looks cool.


Cecilia Mateči Lavarini @ceciliamatteucci

Cecilia from Italy. She, like any true Italian - fashionista, and does not see herself without a mini, stockings, furs, bright accessories and glitter ... She will always find a way to look not just stylish, but not go unnoticed.


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