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Beautiful but unhappy: why the 3 brightest couples of Soviet cinema broke up


Source: Culturology

Unfortunately, seemingly perfect alliances could not stand the test of time and fell apart. What caused the discord in celebrity relationships - says Culturology.

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At one time, these famous couples were considered role models, admired and followed their lives. But at the same time, movie families and human envy were not spared, and among the large number of gossip it was difficult to figure out where the truth is and where the lie. What actually happened and what differences could not be settled by the most beautiful families of Soviet artists?

Irina Alferova and Alexander Abdulov

Stills from films: "Sorcerers", "Three Musketeers"

It seemed that the actors were perfect for each other: beautiful, famous, happy ... Fans still cannot understand what caused their separation, because Irina Alferova speaks very warmly of her ex-husband even after many years ...

Young people met at Lenkom: he is already a star and a dream of Soviet women, she is an aspiring actress. But Abdulov immediately fell in love with a colleague and began to seek her favor. He was not even embarrassed by the fact that the chosen one was older than him and already had a daughter. But Irina did not immediately give up, and Alexander had to wait a long time for the coveted "yes" in response to the marriage proposal.

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At first, the family life of the actors seemed ideal, and the artist even adopted Alferova's daughter Ksenia. But later, Irina admitted that Abdulov had always been a holiday man: friends, feasts, fun ... In addition, the atmosphere in the theater was tense: many did not change their opinion that the actress had married a more eminent colleague in the hope of getting the main roles.

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The final discord in relations between the spouses came in the early 90s. Irina had previously suspected that her husband was cheating on her, and later, so to speak, caught him red-handed. Then Alferova, after 17 years of marriage, decided to leave Abdulov. And only then the actor realized that he only needed her. But it was too late.

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However, many years later, the former spouses met, but already on the set. Shortly before the death of Abdulov, they were invited to play in the TV series "Trap". According to the script, they were supposed to portray a husband and wife. And they coped with their work superbly, and almost immediately after filming, Alexander was diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis - lung cancer. In 2008 he was gone.

Valentina Malyavina and Alexander Zbruev

Screenshot: Soviet television. GOSTELERADIOFOND Russia, Carlo Grillenzoni / YouTube

It would seem that the union of Valentina and Alexander was initially doomed: too young, too ambitious, too headstrong. But they got married even despite the dissatisfaction of their parents, but, alas, the marriage did not last long.

All the girls of the Arbat were literally in love with the cheerful and charming Zbruev. However, the guy drew attention to an ordinary student Valya Malyavina from a nearby school. The lovers got married when the bride was 17 years old, and she did not even have time to finish the graduation class.

The girl soon became pregnant. But the parents of both young people believed that it was too early for them to become parents, and at a later date they tricked Valentina into getting rid of the child. At least so the wife herself claimed. But it seems that Alexander did not believe her, and the relationship between husband and wife after this incident began to deteriorate.

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Moreover, Zbruev had already made successful steps in the cinema, and Malyavina did not want to lag behind her husband, also choosing the acting path. By the way, she managed to achieve good success. For example, the film with her participation "Ivan's Childhood" won the Venetian "Golden Lion".

The marriage of Alexander and Valentina broke up after three years. Later, Zbruev married Lyudmila Savelyeva, the actress who played Natasha Rostova in the film War and Peace. Malyavina married director Pavel Arsenov, but this marriage broke up after 6 years. And the relationship with the next man - the novice actor Stanislav Zhdanko - ended tragically.

By that time, Valentina was already heavily addicted to alcohol. It is still unknown what happened that evening between the roommates, they say that the actress once again drank hard, which caused a scandal. As a result, Stanislav was found with a knife in his heart. Malyavina claimed that it happened by accident, and even all charges were dropped from her. But later the criminal case was reopened, and the actress received 9 years in prison.

Today, she, practically blinded as a result of falling intoxicated, is in one of the boarding houses in Moscow. According to rumors, her ex-husband Alexander Zbruev helped arrange her there.

Nonna Mordyukova and Vyacheslav Tikhonov

Screenshot: Documentary on the First, jose messerly / YouTube

Another bright pair of Soviet cinema was formed during the filming of the film "Young Guard": Vyacheslav Tikhonov played Volodya Osmukhin in it, Nonna Mordyukova - Ulyana Gromov. After the premiere of the film, young people woke up famous, started dating, soon they had a son, and after that they officially signed.

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However, misunderstandings between the spouses began almost immediately, they were too different: Nonna is a dashing Cossack woman with a breakthrough character, who took responsibility for the financial component of the family, Vyacheslav is an introverted handsome man who preferred not to sort things out, but to keep all the grievances in himself. Later, Mordyukova admitted that they lived poorly, the salary was not enough, and the marriage could fall apart in a year, but the son and worries about “what people would say” “ashamed” did not allow young people to file for divorce.

But after 13 years, the family union still came to an end. The spouses did not spread about the true reasons for the separation. But on the sidelines they said that Mordyukova was carried away by Vasily Shukshin. There were also rumors that Vyacheslav found Nonna in the arms of another man. Be that as it may, the actor packed his things and left.

But the ex-husband and wife were never able to forgive each other. Despite the fact that they had a son, Vladimir, they preferred to pretend that they did not know each other, and, crossing each other on the set, did not greet each other. Even when their heir was dying of a drug overdose in intensive care, the ex-spouses did not find the strength to talk.

Only in the last interview, the actress admitted that for all 50 years that have passed since the divorce, she waited every birthday for Tikhonov to call and congratulate her. And he left the family several years before his death and confessed that he had watched Mordyukova all his life. She, in turn, though late, but found the strength to call him and talk. And they were able to forgive each other.

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