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Beautiful wedding of the eldest daughter Valeria Meladze in Morocco. PHOTO, VIDEO


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Inga Meladze, the 26-year-old daughter of the famous singer Valeria Meladze, married the financier Nori Vergize, whom she met ten years ago in the UK, when they both studied in Cambridge.

After graduating from Cambridge school, both entered the University of Oxford, Nori got a job at the Al-Jazeera TV channel, and in 2015 he proposed to Inge.

The official marriage between the young spouses was concluded in January of this year - in the same Cambridge. The girl's father could not come because of the too tight schedule of the tour: in an interview, Meladze joked that he did not recognize this union until he personally walked at the wedding. Therefore, they decided to organize the celebration, so that everything was beautiful and in a big way.

The groom, Nori Vergize, has Moroccan roots, although he was born in Britain. For this reason, the wedding was celebrated in Marrakech.

Guests invited to a luxury five star hotel Beldi country clubspecially decorated for the holiday.

According to tradition, Valery Meladze himself led the eldest daughter to the altar, and later sang several songs for the young ones.

Previously, Inga posted a photo of a ringlet donated by the bridegroom in honor of the engagement in her Instagram, as well as a picture of lovers shortly before the solemn event.

The ceremony was held in English, Russian, Arabic and French, in each of them the newlyweds repeated a beautiful phrase: “I will share my whole soul and all my days with you”.

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