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'Painted in the White House bathroom': Melania Trump was ridiculed because of the new shade of hair. A PHOTO


Source: USA Today

The first lady of the United States has repeatedly said that she expects Americans to pay attention to her affairs, and not to clothes. Suddenly, this very attention completely switched to her hairstyle. Looks like Melania Trump lightened her hair - and almost no one liked it.

Photos: YouTube / Fox News video frame

When Mrs. Trump visited the military bases in Virginia and gave an interview to Fox News presenter Sean Hanniti, she appeared in the frame with noticeably lighter hair than usual, writes USA Today... On the Web, it was suggested that the whole thing is in the lighting - and in fact, Melania lightened only a few strands, but what's done is done - in the video she is almost blonde. The speculations on this topic on Twitter were not long in coming!

Like Donald's

Users of social networks write that after some time, many couples begin to look the same.

"Donald and Melania now have the same hair," said @OMAHAEMGIRL's follower.

Perhaps there was a mess in the White House bathroom that morning, suggested @JohnBrynt.

“I think Melania mixed her paint with Donald,” he suggested.

Why, oh why?

“Melania, dyeing your hair in a White House bathroom isn't a good idea,” warned @ FlipBlue2020.

“As a dyed blonde, I would like to protect mine,” wrote @FakaktaSouth about the new shade. "What Melania did to her hair was spicy mustard in a Chinese restaurant, not blond."

@JimReinhardt6 suggested that she was just a faithful wife: “Trump needed a new hair donor, and Melania declared herself!”

She reminds me of someone ...

Many have suggested that the first lady seeks to resemble at all not her husband, but his platinum-blond daughter.

“Who is this unkempt impostor?” Asked @SVSalon. - Surely this is not Melania, who is trying to lighten her hair like Ivanka. It's sad. "

“Michelle Obama: Becoming. Melania Trump: Becoming Unrecognizable. ”

Or maybe this is a hint of another blonde from Trump's life, suggested @Sebulia.

Or all the blondes on his television?

“Melania dyed blonde for an interview with Fox to match?” Asks @CatPop.

@CaseyHinds thinks the same way.

Where is the real Melania and what have they done with it?

Most just tried to understand why she did it - and in general, is it Melania?

“Who is this person?” Asked @andradare. - She doesn't quite look like the real Melania, and it's not just hair color. The structure of her face is younger. "

New #hairgoal

"I showed my hairdresser a photo of the bleached Melania," admitted @bliccy.

New hair, new Melania?

Given that the change in the color of Melania's hair coincided with the sentence of the former governor of Trump, Michael Cohen, @Connerish made her own assumptions.

“Someone tell Melania that hair is bleached AFTER it enters the witness protection program. You'd better buy some tint paint, ”she advised.

“Is Melania trying to disguise herself with this hair color or look like Ivanka?” Asked @RhondaBarket.

“I wonder what Melania is going to change… beyond her hair color,” asked @FrecklePumpkin.

@GregDeckard also suspects that the new color signals a more serious change. Or at least his wife told him so.

Haters - to ignore!

The new look of the first lady received the approval of at least a few fans.

“You look great with your new hair color, you look great with ANY color, and those who make fun of you just die of envy! Give them the opportunity! Melania the blonde rules! ”@Jovisoul wrote.

“These comments suggest that the fact that Melania dyed is bad,” said @xV_Krampus. “You know, the same women who are screaming about women's empowerment condemn her for lightening her hair. With all of this in mind, how many female commentators from these posts have burnt their hair due to multiple dyes? "

Melania Blonde’s full interview with Fox News:

By the way, on fresh photos from Twitter Melania Trump it is clear that her hair is only partially brightened and the very first blonde doesn’t look like a blonde. At the same time on the shooting from different events the shade of the curls of Melania really looks different.

How do you think the first lady goes to her new hair shade?

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