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Banana peel helps to lose weight: unexpected nutritional advice


Source: Fox News

Eating banana peels can help with weight loss, the expert suggests.

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Banana is considered one of the staples of a healthy diet due to its high potassium content. Recently, one of the leading nutritionists in the United States said that the peel of this fruit helps to lose weight, writes Fox News.

Suzy Burrell says eating peels can improve sleep, skin condition, and even accelerate weight loss.

“You will increase your total fiber by at least 10%, as banana peels are high in fiber. You will get almost 20% more vitamin B6 and almost 20% more vitamin C, as well as increase your potassium and magnesium intake, ”she said.

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If you imagined chewing this hard peel in a raw form, do not worry. Burrell told how to best use this product. The expert suggests adding peels to smoothies, pastries or curries to increase fiber intake in this way.

“Cooking the peel to soften it will help break down some of the cell walls in it, which will aid in the absorption of nutrients easily. Mixing the peel with food is the most practical way to use it. You will increase the volume and nutritional value of your meals with minimal changes in the taste and texture of cooking, ”said the expert.

Burrell also explained that it is important to choose bananas correctly so that their skin is healthy.

“Bananas with bright yellow peels contain a higher proportion of antioxidants associated with anti-cancer effects, while green peels (less ripe bananas) are especially rich in the amino acid tryptophan, which is associated with good sleep quality. Green banana peels are also rich in resistant starch, a special type of fiber that is beneficial for gut health. Because these types of skins are much tougher, they are best consumed after cooking, ”says the nutritionist.

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Nutritionists recommend eating bananas to prevent cardiovascular disease. Potassium in these fruits fights narrowing of arteries. This vital mineral helps blood supply to the heart and brain and reduces the risk of blood clots. Its effect on arteries was revealed during laboratory tests in the USA at the University of Alabama.

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