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Cosmetics in the USA: decorative and care products


Of course, not the fact that this topic will be interesting to everyone (and first of all for men :-)), but I would also not like to miss it.

Because it is worth remembering myself upon arrival, when it was difficult for me even to buy shampoo. I could find it in the store, but it was not easy to read what kind of hair it suits and what will be good from it. And the same trouble was with all gels, creams, masks. What to take is a mystery (I naturally wanted to buy all the good things), and even more so - where to smear what I bought later, it was generally a mystery for me, covered in darkness! 🙂


Therefore, I will make a small chaotic review of those stores and tools that we use while living in Los Angeles, as well as writing a couple of useful advices of "gag." I want to clarify that these are only my impressions of many means, and I do not impose them, I just liked something, but something did not.


In Los Angeles, creams, shampoos and shower gels are mainly bought in grocery supermarkets (in the cosmetics section), in CVS pharmacies, in supermarkets Target and Walmartin a supermarket with organic products Whole Foods (they have a department with natural cosmetics), in a chain of stores with cosmetics Sephora and on the site Amazon.

We most often went to CVS, as in supermarkets with products there is not always a large selection, but on Amazon don't smell what smells.

But now we go to Target and Walmartsince there the prices for any cosmetic tubes are lower than in the pharmacy, and sometimes the choice is even greater.

I just somehow got myself a bunch of nail polish in CVS, and then we went to Target, and, as it turned out, all my varnishes there were worth at 1-2 dollar cheaper. So $ 10 I could save if I went straight to Target. So now I have a small grudge against CVS pharmacies.

Pro network Sephora I already wrote. This large network in the USA with good cosmetics and perfume. There will already be more expensive products, but also naturally, better, more fashionable and professional ones. The same goes for L'occitane - high-quality cosmetics with all sorts of natural additives.

About cosmetics in Whole Foods worth mentioning separately. It is quite expensive, but worthy of its price. Since everything is natural (if you are a fighter for the "healthy composition" of products), without harmful additives and chemical components. Therefore, if you have allergic reactions from different creams and shampoos, or you actively take care of your skin and hair, then you - in Whole Foods or some other similar American store.

There is also cosmetics in a budget store. 99 ¢ Only (from the English. "99 cents only," remember the Russian trays with the name "All five!" But I did not even go. Honestly - I'm afraid! 🙂

More recently, I wandered onto the site shop TheBodyShop. It seems he is in Russia. There are many "delicious" shampoos, creams, lipsticks and all sorts of wonders in pretty packages. Now I plan to visit it live, poke a finger and sniff everything!

Mascara, lipstick, eye shadow

The best decorative cosmetics sold in chain stores Sephora. Here you will find Mac, Urban Decay, Two Faced, Benifit, Stila etc. A large selection, gift box gifts, everything can be anointed and studied. But the prices are naturally high, since cosmetics are trendy and for advanced users.

More simple and familiar cosmetics Revlon, Loreal, CoverGirl, Well, in general, everything that we use in Russia is in supermarkets and pharmacies. True, it is not always possible to study all this by testers. More precisely, there is rarely any. Probes also will not give, but often there are discounts.

Shampoos and shower gels

On the shelves of American stores, you can easily find brands of shampoos and shower gels that are familiar to all Russians (and I think not only Russians). Such as Head & Shoulders, Garnier Fructis, Dove, Pantene Pro-V, Herbal Essences and others. The special distinction of American shampoos from others is their volumes. Americans, as always, prefer to buy immediately and a lot. Therefore, there are a lot of shampoos and shower gels in very large bottles! So I bought - and for a long time!

Personally, my opinion: I did not like Herbal Essences, although it smells as always tasty and strong enough. But according to my memories of Russian Herbal EssencesAmerican turned out to be worse. It cost $ 3 (standard bottle size).

Rђ RІRѕS, Garnier fructis I became (quite recently) my favorite shampoo and, by results, does not lag behind the expensive and organic (natural) shampoos. I bought a big bottle for $ 5. But in Russia, on the contrary, I did not like it.


Also a good and inexpensive series of hair products from the company. Tresemme. I didn’t have any excitement from their shampoo and conditioner, but there are no complaints either. I bought a couple of days ago, "dry shampoo"Tresemme - for the sake of experiment. This is a spray for those occasions when you want to sleep more than wash your hair and do your hair. 🙂 I bought it for $ 8.25.

If you actively care about your hair, then the best option is to buy natural shampoos. The same goes for the skin. Organic shampoos can be found in supermarkets and a pharmacy, but rather go to Whole Foods.

This is another my favorite shampoo, it is called Desert Essencewhich is sold in Whole Foods. Unlike its counterparts from supermarkets, it costs $ 8.50 (hair balm costs the same amount). It is more expensive, but its quality is excellent!

But shampoo from Organix I did not like. I walked from him for a long time with a terrible hurricane on my head. How simple a witch! Another broom - and forward to the stars! 🙂 In general, everyone praises him ... Maybe it just didn't suit me. It cost $ 6.50, as did the hair balm.

I also really liked shampoo and hair balm from John Frieda. They have a series for each hair color, i.e. for blondes, brunettes and redheads. I advise! The price, as far as I remember, is also $ 6.50. I look at Amazon, two tubes cost about $ 10 already with delivery - cheaper than in stores.

Good cosmetics for hair from the company Aussie. They are all in purple packaging. It always smells sweet and tasty, but such a hair balsam has become famous in reviews on the beauty Internet! By the way, my sister gave it to me. I ordered several bottles at once. I am also very pleased with him.


Shower gels most often I buy from Where (rather out of habit), and there are still not very expensive shower gels from the company Dial.

Also great shower gels from the firm. St. Ives. I advise you to try from St. Ives scrubs for the face, that they became famous!

Great Where costs an average of $ 9, but small ones Dial on average $ 4.

Of course, the prices of shampoos and shower gels are even lower. There are a lot of things cheap and two dollars, but I was afraid to try them. Bald, of course, will not stay, but it is unlikely there will be something good. 🙂 That's just about the store 99 ¢ Only.

Means for the treatment of all sorts of different places (masks, serums, lotions) and beauty care cosmetics.

Any makeup cosmetics is also easy to find in the same stores that I listed earlier.

Advice from me: it is convenient to order cosmetics of therapeutic nature on Amazonbecause There you can read reviews from buyers. Because, in the end, they treat all the same, hair, for example, strengthens (that is, it is not decorative cosmetics, where each person needs his own color and smell). Therefore, the result of strengthening the hair of the mass can be estimated by asterisks from the product and by comments to each tool.

So I bought a big jar of Brazilian keratin hair mask, which is also filled with chocolate. It smells delicious and for home use works well.


In the US, a big fashion for acne remedies Proactiv. In Russia, these funds are also sold, but for some reason they cost 2 several times more. This Proactiv advertise all and sundry, from Savicheva to Justin Bieber. I use the washing machine, I like it. So if you have problems of this kind, I advise you to try. We have in Proactiv You can buy a trial version (a small set of tubes designed for a month of use), anoint it all on yourself, and if you don’t like it, return it. The company will refund you the full cost.

Advice from me: Proactiv very brazenly makes all buyers a subscription to the constant purchase of their funds. That is, if you bought yourself a sample of a small set from their website, then be sure to go into your account and choose when to send you some funds or write off (if you Proactiv did not fit or not needed). Otherwise, they will overwhelm you with their own acne products for your money (they will take them off your card and send you packages by mail). Sly extortionists!

We also have a lot of creams and lotions from the company in our stores. Vaseline ("Vaseline" :-)) They have great body lotions! About St. Ives I also wrote, their scrubs always go with the inscription "Scrub 1 number in America!". To my statement, in my opinion, they very much even correspond! Try it.

Advice from me: in Target and CVS There are always shelves selling mini-versions of various products, including a scrub from St. Ives. That is a bunch of different small tubes and jars. They usually cost the dollar (maximum 2-3). On these shelves, you can collect a variety of means for testing, and also these mini versions are perfect for traveling - the thing for a suitcase!

Lush and delicious bath stuff

In the US, there are also all sorts of bombs and foam baths from Lush. Prices are exactly the same as in Russia.


All products are brought to us from Canada, where they make it.

Nail polishes and other nail files

For cheap nail polish is best to go to Target and CVS. There they stand from 2 to 10 dollars. Cheap firms: Milani, WetnWild, Sally Hansen (in Russia, I considered this company rather expensive, right there it is in the price category below the average), Spoiled, Confetti. Low cost varnishes, again, you can buy in the store Forever21they are called Love & Beauty. I mainly take these varnishes for painting on nails, because many still have quality that corresponds to their low price. But sometimes they come across very high quality ones that can calmly surpass all kinds of OPI.

Lucky more expensive you can find there, it's just OPI and Essie. They cost around 7-9 dollars. But China Glaze I did not see something in stores, only on Amazon. Well and in Sephora already gone varnishes the most expensive: Sephora (store brand), Butter London, Nars, Dior etc. They cost from 10 dollars and up.

All sorts of tools for manicure and pedicure are sold all there. A whole bunch of miracles!


In the photo I had two different products: lemon oil for cuticle from the company Burt`s bees and nail polish remover Cutex. Burt`s bees produces different lipsticks and creams with beeswax and all sorts of natural additives (not superfood-organic, but the quality is good). And in the big bank lives the magic! It is necessary to dip a nail with varnish in it and move it a couple of times, all - there is no varnish on the nail! Miracle in general, if I looked into the bank (my husband turned over her interest and spilled half of the contents in her interest, I thought there was a gel. So, show the woman’s tricks to her husband! :-)). And in the bank there is just a sponge with a slit in the center for the finger, which is impregnated with a vigorous composition of nail polish remover. True, it does not spoil the nails at all, does not get dirty with varnish and grabs this liquid for a long time. Both tools cost us 6-7 dollars.

Advice from me: if you need all sorts of manicure trifles, such as nail files and orange sticks - in general, different consumables, then it is better to order them for Ebay. Prices are cheap there, delivery will only take a couple of weeks, but it's worth it.

Latest tips

Let me remind you once again that various promotions for cosmetics are constantly being held in American stores, so if you successfully hit it, you can save a lot. Explore sites before buying something expensive, consider brochures and signs in stores, ask the staff. Very often in the store Sephora Cosmetics bags and testers are given to some kind of product, and when they buy cosmetics, different probes are given as a gift. And not only in Sephora. My sister and I recently L'occitane gave so many probes (each 2 probe on the pieces - so that each of us got! :-))

And also remember that in the US you can return any cosmetics back to the store (do not throw out a check, just in case, if you bought something valuable, although you must pick it up or exchange it without a check), if it didn’t fit you, much less spoiled .

And again, all reviews about cosmetics can be read on Amazon, choose a few suitable products, and then go to the store and anoint everything. Or vice versa! All anoint, choose a couple of options, and then read the reviews and order everything online. 🙂 So you can successfully get into the color and smell (pick it up for yourself), as well as purchase cosmetics tested by other buyers!

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