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Cosmetics, which is not worth spending money


Source: Rambler

Every woman wants to stay young and beautiful as long as possible. And sharks of the beauty industry, who are interested in constantly increasing sales, are well aware of this desire. In fact, not all the cosmetics that are advertised are what you need. Many of them are completely useless and do not justify their price.

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Anti-cellulite cream

All this cream can do is soften the skin, writes Rambler... He is not able to remove the "orange peel", only complex measures will help here - massage, proper nutrition and sports.

Split ends hair products

Unfortunately, neither oil nor serum will help in the fight against this problem. The only method is regular haircut.

Anti-dandruff shampoo

It works as long as you use it. It is necessary to stop - and the problem returns. This is because dandruff is a disease that requires serious treatment and a visit to a trichologist.

Anti-aging shampoo

Advertising claims that hair is aging in the same way as the organism as a whole. But if we are talking about gray hair, then it is useless to fight it - this feature is inherited. But good and proper nutrition really make your hair luxurious.

Shower gel

Despite the convenience, it has a serious drawback - it dries the skin. It is better to give preference to moisturizing soap.

Botox Cream

Botox really effectively smoothes mimic wrinkles, but only if it is injected directly into the muscle. Botox cream remains on the surface of the skin and can only temporarily improve its appearance. Just like any other anti-wrinkle cream.

Cream for the neckline

The typical trick of marketers. This cream is no different from the usual body cream. And really tighten your chest with it will not work.

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