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How do beauty queens from the USSR live in the USA?


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If in America beauty contests have been successfully held since 1921, then this trend reached the USSR only in 1988. World beauty contests have changed the lives of many participants in their history. Some of the winners subsequently decided to abandon their modeling career, others became more popular and shine on the world catwalks, and still others went to the USA for the international Miss Universe contest, and later completely emigrated for good.

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We invite you to read the stories of the beauties of the CIS countries who have left to live in the USA.

Julia Sukhanova - "Miss USSR-89"

In 1989, from 19 to 21 May, the first all-Union beauty contest “Miss USSR-89” was held in Moscow. The honorary crown was received by 17-year-old Yulia Sukhanova, for whom Soviet television viewers voted.

Almost immediately after the victory, Julia flew to the United States, where she signed a contract with a large modeling agency. She starred a lot for well-known publications, and also participated in the filming of advertisements for various products. Nowadays, the former main beauty of the Soviet Union heads the company for the production of generators of "mountain" air.

Natalia Nadtochey - "Second Vice-Miss of Ukraine-1995"

In 1995 Natalya Nadtochey became the second vice-miss of Ukraine. The girl took part in both “Miss Universe” and “Miss Europe”. At the Miss Universe 1997 contest, Nadtochey took 23rd place, after which she left to work in the USA.

However, some time later, the girl returned to Ukraine and opened her modeling agency.

Natalya Shvachko - "Miss Ukraine-1996"

Natalia Shvachko, 22, represented Ukraine at Miss Universe 2000. The girl went to the competition unaccompanied, but forced the entire local press to talk about herself. Ukraine was promised a victory, but Natalia did not even make it into the top ten finalists.

What exactly happened at the competition was not known to either the Ukrainian press or the participant herself. And since Natalia was alone in Los Angeles, no one began to challenge the decision of the jury. After returning to Ukraine, the participant declared that she was leaving the modeling business and would become an economist.

“I don't want to be in this environment anymore. And I don't want to become an actress either. The competition really disappointed me. It turns out that here, as it were, nothing depends on you. No matter how good, beautiful you are, this is not enough, you need connections. And I'm not going to trade my body. In general, I'm tired of being constantly judged, looking for some flaws. No-ho-chu, ”said Shvachko after the Miss Universe contest.

Some time later, she became the wife of the American millionaire Charles Kitty, who died in 2005 year and bequeathed all his property to his wife.

Maria Kalinina - "Moscow beauty -1998"

It is interesting that a year before Miss USSR, the Moscow Beauty contest was held in Moscow, which became the first beauty contest in the Union. Then the honorary crown was received by 16-year-old Masha Kalinina, having snatched the victory from Oksana Fandera, on whom great hopes were then pinned. Immediately after the competition, she emigrated to the United States. It was rumored that Donald Trump was seeking her hand.

She is currently a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and conducts seminars in various parts of Europe, as well as in Russia and the United States.

Anna Malova - "Miss Russia 1998"

Malova emigrated to the United States in the late 1990s, but did not bother to obtain American citizenship - she acquired only a green card, that is, a permanent residence permit. A green card would not have saved her from deportation. That is why Malova, as her lawyer Robert Gottlieb says, pleaded not guilty.

After being arrested for theft from the store, the judge refused to release her on bail, and the former beauty queen was sent to a city prison on Rikers Island, where former IMF director Dominique Strauss-Kahn was held for a short time.

Since then, Malov was brought to court not in fashionable clothes, but in jeans and prison slippers.

Alexandra Nikolaenko - Miss Ukraine-2011

In 2004, Alexandra Nikolaenko represented Ukraine at Miss Universe in Ecuador. The girl could not get to the final, but found her place in the sun. The organizer of the competition, Donald Trump, drew attention to the ambitious Ukrainian woman.

He introduced Sasha to his friend, 72-year-old American billionaire Phil Ruffin and offered to become a member of the jury next year. Previously, no one from the CIS countries was honored to choose the most beautiful girl of the Universe, moreover, it is a question of a participant who did not even enter the final of the competition.

Polina Popova - Miss Russia 2017

In an interview after the competition, Polina Popova noted that Russia is the best place to live, for the future, for family and children. However, personal pages on social networks question Polina's fiery speeches.

The finalist stated that she had lived in Yekaterinburg all her life, but she has many photographs from different countries. One of them has a view from the plane's window, and the caption reads: "Somewhere over the land of my dreams." There is an American flag at the end of the sentence. Perhaps Miss is already making plans to move to the United States.

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