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The royal family attended the parade in honor of Elizabeth II. A PHOTO


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On Saturday, June 17, in London (United Kingdom), the annual Trooping the Color Parade was held in honor of the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. The network got photos from the gala event.

The Royal Family. Photo: Instagram Kensington Palace

Prince Charles with Camilla Parker-Bowles, Prince Harry, Prince Philip and Kate Middleton with Prince William and their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte visited one of the main events in the calendar of the British monarchy.

Before the parade, Queen Elizabeth announced a minute of silence in order to honor the memory of those killed in the fire, which almost destroyed a high-rise building several days ago in London.

Note that Queen Elizabeth was born on April 21, this holiday she celebrates annually only with her family in Windsor Palace.

The tradition of celebrating a birthday begins twice with King Edward VI, who, being born in November, decided to celebrate his second birthday in June.

According to tradition, the solemn part consists of a parade that starts at Buckingham Palace. By 11 hours of the morning the queen arrives at the ceremonial square, and by 13 hours of the day, along with members of the royal dynasty, goes to the palace balcony to greet the crowd.

The event ends with the flight of the Royal Air Force.

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