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Konstantin Khabensky cannot see his immigrant son for six months


Source: BelNews

The famous Russian artist Konstantin Khabensky for a long time cannot see his son Ivan, they write "BelNovosti".

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The actor misses his child, but at the moment a meeting is impossible. The reason is the COVID-19 pandemic and closed borders. In addition, Khabensky has a busy schedule.

According to Russian media, colleagues of Konstantin Khabensky told about this.

The actor's son Ivan was born in September 2007. The child's mother is journalist Anastasia Smirnova.

She died a year after the birth of her son. The cause of death was cancer.

After a family tragedy, Khabensky decided to send his son to Spain. Now the boy lives in Barcelona with his grandmother.

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Due to the workload, Khabensky does not have the opportunity to often see his 13-year-old son.

In the past year, the situation has worsened due to the closure of borders in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. For this reason, a personal meeting of father and son living in different countries is not yet possible.

Now Konstantin Khabensky is married to actress Olga Litvinova. The couple have two daughters. The oldest girl is four years old, the youngest in a couple of months will be two years old.

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