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Konstantin Meladze first talked about the secret wedding with Vera Brezhnev


Source: Star hit

They do not publish a photo together and do not advertise the details of their personal life and family, so as not to frighten off quiet family happiness. Konstantin Meladze and Vera Brezhnev got married in a closed ceremony in Italy in 2015, writes Star hit.


“There was no one at the wedding,” Meladze says in the Russian program The Fate of a Man. "We did it together, in a simple way." According to the composer and producer, he and his beloved woman decided not to arrange a noisy event and not to strain anyone. Konstantin says that respect for each other is absolutely natural, this is an island of normal life. The paparazzi, nevertheless, tried to sneak into a small holiday, but they failed.


Brezhnev and Meladze spent three days in Italy without attracting attention. On their wedding day, they got up early and went to the city hall near the hotel, where the official painting took place. The couple celebrated the event in a small restaurant on the coast. “It was just gorgeous,” the composer said in an interview.


Photos of the event the couple does not show - Vera Brezhnev has repeatedly intrigued the audience with photographs in wedding dresses, but they were all part of promotions or other public photo projects. And only a couple of days ago, Vera for the first time posted a photo in her Instagram where a man embraces her, and on her ring finger she wears a wedding ring with a pebble.


Subscribers complained about the absence of faces in the photo, but everyone understood perfectly well what kind of person he was. Vera signed the photo: "Love and be loved."

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