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To whom dairy products are contraindicated: opinion of a nutritionist


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Dairy products are good, but not everyone benefits from it, the nutritionist believes. Why are they not recommended to everyone?

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“People often ask me if children need dairy products,” writes nutritionist Natalya Samoylenko for Browser. Such products may be present in our diet from time to time, if there are no contraindications.

Such contraindications may be:

1. Proven lactose intolerance.

2. High insulin.

The fact is that insulin rises very much after drinking milk. Almost all dairy products have the highest insulin index. The exceptions are butter and Parmesan cheese (aged cheeses). In the case of elevated insulin, of course, we are talking about a XNUMX% refusal of dairy products.

But in general, dairy products will find a place in the diet, even those who came out of infancy, if properly distributed.

  • Firstly, such a meal can be no more than once a day. Well, we cannot afford cottage cheese, kefir, cheeses for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you had breakfast with cottage cheese, then you should not repeat fermented milk products during the day.
  • Second, serving size matters. Recommended norm: cottage cheese - 100 g, fermented milk drink - 200-300 g, hard cheeses - 30-50 g.
  • Thirdly, there is a big difference in the form in which we consume dairy products.

The insulin index of cottage cheese, to which we add sweetness (honey / jam / fruit), becomes two times higher from such a combination than the index of cottage cheese in its pure form. Cottage cheese with sweet supplements for weight loss does not fit!

If you keep dairy products under control in your diet, then you can observe amazing results - the girls experience candidiasis, bloating and other troubles. In some situations, the complete absence of milk leads to this effect.

How often do you consume dairy products?

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