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Colleagues of the widow Tabakov dared to talk about her terrible behavior in the theater


Source: Anews

In the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater during the life of the theater director Oleg Tabakov, his wife was the queen and despot, which everyone feared.


This was told by the staff of the theater, who allegedly endured such an appeal during the life of the actor, writes Anews, referring to "".

"Snitching and sneaking"

“She had a tremendous impact,” said actor Vladimir Sterzhakov. - She was nicknamed “Mkhatovskaya Saltychikha”. According to him, she intervened in the distribution of roles, she could fully lecture the actors behind the scenes.

“Why don't you watch Oleg Pavlovich's productions in Snuffbox? He is extremely unhappy with this! In the theater, snitching and toadying began to flourish, ”Sterzhakov assures.

One of the employees of the theater, who wished to remain anonymous, spoke about the customs and morals that allegedly reigned in the Moscow Art Theater under Tabakov and Zudina.

“The directors were invited to the theater - all from the gay lobby,” the interlocutor assured. - And if they did not offer the role to Zudina's prima, there was no performance! The actors were afraid of her like fire. God forbid not to notice her and not to bow - she will eat and not choke. "

“Zudina was the first to examine all the furs and fabrics supplied to the wardrobe shops. They dressed her in the same place - from linen to fur coats. The cutters tore their hair after her visits: she raked all the most interesting into her personal wardrobe, ”the woman continues.

“She doesn't have a housekeeper - everything is done by the theater attendant. - She did plastic surgery in Yekaterinburg with Tabakov's friends. Also for free ”, - the theater employee is indignant.

People's Artist of the USSR Oleg Tabakov died in Moscow at the age of 83 after a long illness. He starred in more than 100 films, and the number of theatrical performances was also approaching this number. The cat Matroskin speaks in the voice of Tabakov - a character from popular cartoons about the inhabitants of Prostokvashin.

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