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Which of the children do parents love more, or the Love Contest


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When there are two or more children in a family, sooner or later it starts to seem to everyone that they love him less. The child begins to pay attention to affectionate words spoken not in his address, to praise, gifts and purchases made for a brother or sister. Such a comparison suggests: “Parents lie when they say that they love their children equally strongly.” Moreover, in any situation, dad and mom will assure everyone in the world that they treat with equal love to all their children.

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Research sociologist Katherine Conger (Katherine conger) tried to answer the main question: who prefer parents, older or younger children? A sociologist and colleagues studied 384 families in which there were two children each, with a difference of 4 years. The working hypothesis of the researchers was that parents prefer the eldest child. The first-born caused in his time many new feelings and feelings at birth, he had more power over younger children and he physically spent more time with his relatives.

However, this hypothesis was wrong. Yes, older children had a lot of influence, but this was manifested due to the special sensitivity of the younger ones. Those who were born later always suspected their parents of less love for themselves. Sociologists came to the conclusion that in each family relationships are built individually. There is no definite trend in the child’s preference by age. It will always seem to the younger ones that older people love more, listen to them, ask for advice and give more freedom. And older children fondly remember those times when they just lisped with them, pampered, forgave mischief and did not force them to bear responsibility for their actions. Now you can answer dad and mom with the same coin - say that you love them equally much.

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