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Opinion: when is it too late for immigration or new education?


As soon as we arrived here, there were people who wrote to me: “You left everything and moved, you are already 27 years old, you have to stay at home, raise children. What kind of emigration can there be at this age? ”.

I remember when we traveled around America in 2010, we often walked on different campuses of universities and colleges. I looked at the local students and was very jealous of them! How I wanted to be a student of some American college.

7 years have passed, and I had a real opportunity to be this very student - namely, go to a local college! A big step is a big question! On the one hand, I don’t want to waste so much time on education, but on the other hand, this is a direct contribution to my future.

Well, actually, this is my fallback! In the courses I am taking now, knowledge is enough to get a job, but to be honest, because of the language I am terribly worried! That's why I came up with a plan B - I'm going to college. Now I am doing my best to prepare for admission. So, just in case ...

I sit in college, waiting for the start of the math test. A man sits down at me: Do you speak Russian?

I answer in Russian, that yes. Although both for me and for him it is clear which country we came from.

We talked. A man came here with his wife 1 year 4 a month ago and now decided to go to college! Then he says that he does not know English at all, gets his profile and asks to translate a couple of lines. I glance at his date of birth and see 1945 year. I could barely restrain myself from showing surprise!

72 years old man - and he came to go to college! Until that moment I thought that nothing would surprise me here ...

Do you still doubt that anything is possible in America?

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