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When to lose weight: how to stop waiting and start living


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Why keep that pair of white pants in the far corner of the closet where things like “when I lose weight” live? Why put off for later not only bright and fashionable new clothes, but also a colorful, full-fledged life?

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Maya Tulchinskaya, columnist, author of the blog “Available and just about fashion and style” on Facebook and on the website Belltelling Womo how to stop counting your kilograms as an obstacle to happiness.

Do not believe your eyes

One girl in her 30 with a small size wore 52 and, of course, wanted to lose weight. Who does not dream about it? Once her dream came true. She began to literally melt in front of her eyes, becoming thinner and thinner every day - a thin waist loomed, slender legs showed up. It turned out she had almost model proportions!

Colleagues looked at someone with curiosity, someone with undisguised envy. Pestered with questions, asked to share a miracle diet and telephone coach. She smiled sadly and answered nothing definite. She took the hospital - all longer and longer.

After another hospital she did not return. Her weight loss was caused by a disease, terrible and late diagnosed. She did not live to see her 35 anniversary.

Another girl was full of life and all her life she was told how important it is to lose weight! “The point is not even beauty, it’s a question of health!” They said. "Do not you understand, this extra weight will kill you!", - told her. She was killed not by weight. She was killed by the bus driver, who was momentarily distracted from the road. She was 41 year.

Deferred life

And the third girl ... No, don't expect another tragic story, the third girl is alive and well. But she doesn't live the way she would like. She would like to wear fashionable dresses, bright shoes. Get a stylish haircut and paint your lips with red lipstick. Order a beautiful family photo session and finally put a fresh photo on your profile picture. But she cannot do all this, because she has not lost weight yet. If she loses weight, and even then ... In the meantime, she has a 5-year-old photo on her avatar.

She has a treasured corner in her closet “when I lose weight”. Sometimes she looks there with hope. In the meantime, wears some sad, shapeless misunderstandings, the only value of which is that you can hide in them.

If there were invisible hats on sale, she would love to buy one and wear it without removing it. That's when I would have lost weight, then of course! Then it would be removed! In the meantime, do not lose weight - why should she be noticeable?

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She will go to the sea when she loses weight, and it is embarrassing to go to the beach. And she will go to parties when she loses weight, otherwise she has no party dresses. And why buy them, she will lose weight, then it will be great! Go to the beautician when losing weight. Sense of well-groomed skin, if you are not thin? She will convene guests on her birthday, will receive congratulations and compliments. When will lose weight.

Her whole life is postponed until that magical “tomorrow” when she wakes up thin. As if someone guaranteed that this magic thin “tomorrow” someday will come! As if someone guaranteed that she would have at least some tomorrow! That a car will not be knocked down at a pedestrian crossing, a serious illness will not fall down, some other trouble, unpredictable and uncontrollable will not overtake.

Here and now

High life expectancy has played a cruel joke with us. We live as if we are going to live forever. As if we have a lot of lives left, and we can live one in full leg, on a draft, then in another we catch up. But it is not so! When we postpone the joys, pleasures, impressions, because as long as they are not good enough for them, we simply rob ourselves! No matter how many happy days ahead, these lost days are already wasted, and they will not be returned!

Are you going to lose weight? Fine! But this does not abolish life here and now. On sale more stylish, relevant things for any size. You can dress fashionably today, and when you lose weight - well! Big to sew - not close to place.

The network is full of fashionable bloggers of any size and any growth. You can find girls with a figure similar to yours, and draw ideas from them to leave their own wardrobe. Lose weight - find other examples to follow.

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Modern haircut, well-groomed skin, refreshing make-up adorn a woman of any complexion and enhance the mood that adorns the woman even more. It is much faster and easier than losing weight, and, unlike losing weight, the result is guaranteed.

In no theater, in no club or concert hall is there a frame at the entrance that women who are larger than a certain size do not enter. There are no them in sports clubs, and in dance studios, and in photo studios, where you can do a magical photo session.

In all these places, where people go for pleasure and good mood, there are just doors. And they open for women of any size. You just need to allow yourself to open them.

You just need to remind yourself from time to time that tomorrow may not be. These words may seem scary, but in fact, this is not a reason for sadness. This is a reason for happiness from what is today!

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