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When to go on vacation to relax for one hundred percent: Alexander Litvin's advice

Alexander Litvin

researcher, pharmacist


Have you noticed that sometimes you come back from your holidays tired, as if you didn’t have a rest? Or that vacation in the winter gives more strength than in summer? Why is this happening and how to plan a vacation so that it brings more benefits?

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Any change of place changes our physical characteristics: it either improves, or, conversely, weakens. Everything changes - from the exterior to the immune status. The way you are affected by any movement in space — travel, vacation, relocation — is related to your birth date. More precisely, with the time of year.

The change of the seasons is a change in the angle of incidence of sunlight on specific territories in certain months. Each person "remembers" how was the angle of the sun's rays at the time of its birth, and this relationship persists throughout life.

Most often, our personal summer does not coincide with earthly summer. For those born in December, summer comes in December, and when is it winter? Everything is simple - personalized winter for those who were born in December comes in June. And if a person is born in June, then his personal winter begins in December, that is, it coincides with the earthly one.

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For those born in March, winter is September (respectively, for September - March).

It is quite simple to calculate your “personal winter”: you need to add 6 months to the month of birth.

Remove the conventions associated with terrestrial seasons and leave only their biological seasons. Yes, all the strategic plans of travel companies will be destroyed, but your personal plans are realized with maximum benefit.

If you were born in December, do not be in a hurry to be upset - this does not mean that summer vacation by the sea is contraindicated to you. But you should not go to the south in a specific month of the year - in June. But in July you can already move in space.

The rule here is one, and it is very simple - the beginning of a personalized winter in your house is more easily tolerated.

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