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Code name 'Lara': like in 1984, Alla Pugacheva tried to flee to the West



Alla Pugacheva got married more than once. At the same time, in the last two marriages, the singer chose men much younger than herself. However, there is information that the famous KGB general Philip Bobkov also actively participated in the life of the star, despite the fact that he was more than 20 years older.

Alla Pugacheva in 1984 year. Photo: video frame YouTube / Lorena Cherish

Exit permit

According to Ekaterina Mishanenkova's book “I am Alla Pugacheva” long before the singer received the status of People's Artist of the USSR, her records were sold out in the West like hot cakes, writes Rambler. In this regard, the Prima Donna just needed to give concerts abroad, only it was not so easy to organize it.

In those years, if the concert organization received an invitation from abroad for artists, the Soviet government immediately began to drive them to the field commissions. This was done solely in order to draw time or not to let it go abroad at all.

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Foreign tours

Unlike many of her colleagues, despite the strict rules for leaving the country, Alla Borisovna managed to visit abroad more than once. She also performed at the Middem Festival in Cannes, and even visited Paris. This is reported by Rambler.

And once it happened that the singer almost completely remained in the West. Once Pugacheva was on tour in the GDR, accompanied by an interpreter. It was she who conveyed to the necessary structures the information that the singer plans to flee to France.

When Alla Borisovna returned to her homeland, she was immediately summoned for questioning. He was interrogated by none other than Philip Denisovich Bobkov.

His people in the KGB

If you believe the words of the former spouse of the Prima Donna Yevgeny Boldin, Bobkov never missed the opportunity to help the singer, including when it came to foreign tours. If the singer nevertheless ended up in the KGB, then she would certainly get to Bobkov.

But why was the general so favorable to her? Obviously, the kindness of Philip Denisovich was provoked by personal sympathy. In addition, the general adored art and often attended various concerts and performances. But most importantly, for Bobkov it was extremely important that the main singer of the country was together with the Fifth Directorate.

In 2007, a former KGB officer went to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”And showed his ID. He told how it was.

“I will give you the facts, provided you don’t give my real name. Let me be for you ... Sergei Sokolov.

Despite the frantic popularity of the singer, she did not have enough money to live on. Now and again in the early 80-s she went abroad for fees. There was even a case when Pugachev, who starred at the Odessa film studio in the musical film of George Yungvald-Khilkevich “Season of Miracles”, brazenly escaped from the voice acting.

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The KGB took Alla driving around "under the gun." The new "development object" KGBists were given the code name Lara.

- In 1983 - early 1984 I worked in Berlin. Then Pugacheva, together with her daughter Christina, toured the GDR, - Sokolov told KP. - A German woman worked as a translator for her - our person, one of those with whom I also directly collaborated. So she discovered that Pugacheva was conducting strange negotiations with a French impresario who had flown to Germany.

The Frenchman suggested to Pugacheva: “Alla, leave this lousy country (it was about the Soviet Union), we went to France. You will have everything. ” Alla replied: “I do not know yet. I'm afraid for Christina, the girl needs to learn. " But still agreed.

“Then the Frenchman described the plan: Alla was supposed to come to West Berlin as a tourist, and from there fly to Paris by plane,” Sokolov continues. - The translator told me about the conversation, after which I reported everything to Moscow. After all, it was considered a state crime: article 64 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR "treason to the Motherland in the form of flight abroad." They asked to fill out the information. The translator put everything she heard on paper with her own hand ”.

A month later, Pugachev was summoned by the head of the fifth directorate, Lieutenant-General Philipp Denisovich Bobkov. The conversation lasted two hours. Bobkov, as I was told, said to her: “Alla Borisovna, keep in mind, we need you here. The whole country loves you, and what will you do there? To sing in brothels and pubs? "/

Alla confessed everything and said that she would never sell the Motherland, and that conversation was a minute weakness. After that, Pugachev was banned from abroad for three years and was released to Finland only in 86.

These facts are based on operational materials and are stored in the KGB archives in Moscow.

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