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Kirkorov, Baskov, Buinov and other stars sang a song about Belarus and got into a grand scandal


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Russian and Belarusian artists sang the song “They don’t give up their beloved” dedicated to Belarus. A clip entitled "Artists for Peace - LoveImuyu is not given "was released on September 17 on the YouTube channel of the Belarusian group" Aura ", writes "Jellyfish".

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The music and lyrics were written by the members of this group, spouses Yevgeny Oleinik and Yulia Bykova. Comments, likes and dislikes for videos are disabled.

About 20 performers participated in the video recording: Russian artists Philip Kirkorov, Nikolay Baskov, Alexander Buinov, Denis Maidanov, Anita Tsoi, Diana Gurtskaya and Natalia Moskvina, Belarusian musicians Ruslan Alekhno, Alexander Solodukha, Irina Dorofeeva, Alena Lanskaya, Vladimir Gromov, Anatoly Yarmolenko , Janet, the Aura and Belorussy groups, as well as the Gruzdev sisters.

In the song, the phrase “They don’t give back” is repeated as a refrain. According to Meduza, this is a quote from the speech of Alexander Lukashenko, who on August 4 addressed the parliament and the people at the Palace of the Republic. Lukashenko ended his speech with the following words:

“Belarus is behind us - clean and bright, honest and beautiful, hardworking, a little naive and a little vulnerable. But she is ours, she is beloved, but the beloved is not given away. "

The name of Alexander Lukashenko, like the name of the country, is not mentioned in the song. It only contains the line “Belarusians - we are strength”.

The author of the song admitted that he wrote it in support of Lukashenka. Guest artists say they didn't know it

Yevgeny Oleinik, the author of the song “They don’t give their love,” told RBC that the song was written in support of Alexander Lukashenko from the bottom of his heart and no one received a fee for it. Oleinik noted that he considers the phrase “The beloved is not given away” apolitical, but the emotion with which it was uttered “hooked” him as a creative person.

“This was the most powerful part of the speech, generally uttered by a politician of the modern Belarusian state,” said the artist.

Evgeny Oleinik also said that he turned off comments and likes with dislikes under the video due to threats against the artists.

“Approximately two hours after the premiere of the song, calls for bullying appeared in the comments under our song in a number of opposition telegram channels,” Oleinik told Gazeta.Ru. According to him, in an hour he received about a thousand negative responses.

The participant of the video, singer Ruslan Alekhno, in turn, said that he was not paid a fee for this song and "all this was done from the heart." He added that he sees nothing wrong with speaking in support of Lukashenka.

“The most important thing is that the song is good, we are artists, and we have to choose which songs to sing and which not. And the fact that there is a phrase from the speech of President Alexander Lukashenko - what's wrong with that? This is a message to the events that are happening now, ”Alekhno told RBC.

A spokeswoman for Philip Kirkorov told Open Media that "the artist did not perform any song in support of Lukashenko." In an interview with RIA Novosti, a representative of Kirkorov said: “The song and the video are about peace and for peace. Without political overtones and in support of peace. " After Kirkorov received a lot of negative comments on Instagram (such as "How much is conscience?"), The singer limited the ability to post comments on his page.

Director Alexandra Buinova told Open Media that the artist did not know that Lukashenka's words were heard in the song, and did not think that the composition would be perceived as an action in support of the politician. According to director Buinov, the musician "was simply offered a good song - good musical material" and "they said that Kirkorov and Baskov had already agreed": Buinov "thought it was a good company to sing this song."

Diana Gurtskaya did not comment on the song, her representative refused to answer questions from RIA Novosti. Nikolai Baskov's spokesman also left this without comment. Baskov in his Instagram story advertises the song "Diko Tusim", recorded together with tiktoker Dania Milokhin, and does not comment on the song "Beloved one is not given away".

Over the past few days, Belarusians, under all Baskov's posts on Instagram, asked him not to come to a concert in Minsk on September 17 in support of Alexander Lukashenko. But the singer came and performed anyway.

Now the singer's instagram looks like this.

Photo: screenshot
Photo: screenshot of Nikolay Baskov's instagram

Yesterday, a link to a Facebook page appeared in the singer's official account, Baskov assures that the posts with excuses do not belong to him. Philip Kirkorov noted in the comments.


The musicians who participated in the recording of the song were criticized on social networks. In addition, rapper Andrei Zamay, one of the members of the Antihype association, which in addition to him includes SD and Slava KPSS, announced the termination of cooperation with Philip Kirkorov. Slava KPSS accepted the singer in Antihype in 2017. This happened in the final release of the first season of the musical show "Success" on the STS channel, in which Kirkorov and Slava KPSS acted as judges.

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