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Kim Kardashian dressed up her son in a turtleneck with an inscription in Russian. A PHOTO


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The reality TV star Kim Kardashian-West dressed her son in a turtleneck with an inscription in Russian.

Photo: Instagarm / kimkardashian

The photo of the child TV star published in her Instagram October 31, signing a snapshot: “What is he cute, my little pumpkin”.

In the photo, the two-year-old St West poses in a bright orange shirt and a black sweater by American designer Heron Preston, whose word “Style” is written on his collar.

Screenshot with Instagarm / kimkardashian

The Russian-speaking subscribers of the star were very pleased with this choice of outfit for her son.

"Stylish trendy youth!" - Wrote one of the commentators.

"Russian language in the trend!" - declared another.

"Soon and on the Trump there will be a tie from Rubchinsky, and on the back of the jacket will be written: "Russia", - joked another commentator.

Some subscribers of the star suggested that the inscription could be in the Ukrainian language, since the spelling of the word “style” in both languages ​​looks the same.

“Who said it was written in Russian. Maybe it's in Ukrainian. And the kid is cool, ”says one comment.

Same day husband Kim Kardashian rapper Kanye West has come for a basketball match in a jacket, released by Russian designer Gosha Rubchinsky and skater Tolia Titayev. This is a jacket from the joint collection of the Russian brand "Dawn" and the American Carhartt.

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