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Canadian Diet 2019: How State Recommendations Became a Revolution


Source: Pink

Canada has released a nutrition guide for this year. Unlike other similar manuals, it does not contain the norms of consumption of products and a strict menu. At the same time, many recognized it as useful as possible. We understand what advice Canadians should remember.

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Replace most animal products with vegetable protein

The revolutionism of these recommendations lies in the fact that for the first time in such a document, meat is not mentioned as a necessary source of the necessary nutrients, writes Pink. Moreover, nutritionists recommend looking for protein sources in herbal products. This recommendation is reasonable not only from the point of view of health, but also from the point of view of ecology: animal husbandry causes much greater damage to the ecology than plant growing.

Prefer beneficial unsaturated vegetable fats

With fats the same story. Use cold-pressed vegetable oils such as olive, coconut, grape seed. They contain a lot of useful unsaturated fats, which reduce cholesterol levels, help fight inflammation, strengthen the body. With animal fats should be careful.

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Eat more whole grains

Whole grains are indicated as an important source of fiber and nutrients: beneficial carbohydrates, proteins, many vitamins and microelements. In addition, whole grain foods help control appetite and maintain normal blood sugar levels. Go

Think about whether you need dairy products

Milk and dairy products are also not included in the list of mandatory. It is believed that everything you need can be obtained in an alternative way. Indeed, the habit of drinking latte or eating porridge in milk is often really just a habit, which in a couple of months is easily transformed into a breakfast with American and oatmeal on water. As for nutrients, a wide choice of “milk” from plant foods (nuts and cereals), enriched with vitamins, allows you to get them in a familiar way.

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Cook at home

Store-ready meals and convenience foods often contain cheap substitutes for wholesome foods. To make the taste saturated, add more sugar, salt and cheap fat to such food. Cook at home to choose your own products, know exactly what you eat, and monitor the quality of the ingredients.

Among all drinks, choose water

Recommendations clearly speak about the dangers of alcohol and sweet soda. Coffee and tea are not prohibited, but it is emphasized that it is most beneficial for the body to choose simple water, both during meals and between them. It is important to ensure that the body during the day received a sufficient amount of fluid (yes, simple, clean water).

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Focus on your appetite

Canadian nutritionists did not provide accurate data on the number of products needed or even on the proportions in which they should be eaten. It is assumed that there are no uniform recommendations on this issue and it is best to focus on your appetite and preferences (taking into account the tips described above).

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