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High-calorie pizza: how not to gain weight from salad and how to replace harmful ingredients


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Salad is one of the most suitable dishes for the summer diet. Light, vitamin-rich and water-rich food is what you need in the heat of summer. However, nutritionists warn: you need to be careful when choosing ingredients. Otherwise, the calorie content of the salad may overtake pizza, writes "Inosmi".

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Thanks to the freshness and lightness, gazpacho and other cold soups and salads are the main summer dishes, which will not take long to prepare. These dishes are definitely healthy, rich in vitamins and not harmful to the figure. However, it seems so only at first glance, because all salads are different and not everyone will help you lose weight. For example, Jennifer Aniston's diet is based on the famous Cobb salad, but some question the need to eat a dish that has more calories than pizza. For example, the Caesar salad, which consists of crispy chicken, croutons, parmesan shavings, and lots of Worcester sauce, has about 500 calories. This is almost twice as much as in the traditional "Margarita".

But with the right approach, “salads are a great option, especially now, in the summer, because they are not only nutritious, but also rich in water,” says Marta Vallejo, nutritionist at the Opsion Medica Clinic. She offers some simple guidelines to make salads both tasty and light. Nutritionist at the same clinic, Gemma Miranda (Gemma Miranda), gives ten main tips not to get fat from salads:

1. Choose low-calorie vegetables such as lettuce or cabbage as a base, tomatoes, carrots, onions, red peppers or mushrooms, which are best added raw, cucumber or zucchini, which can be left unpeeled to preserve folic acid, and shredded cauliflower, crispy and rich in vitamin C.

2. Add fresh fruits such as plums, apples, peaches, grapes or strawberries. They are best eaten with the skin to preserve fiber and maximum vitamins and minerals.

3. Watch for carbohydrate-rich plant foods such as pasta, rice, and legumes. You get a very nutritious salad if you add 2-3 tablespoons of these products ready-made.

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4. Keep track of the amount of high-calorie foods: avocado (maximum one fourth of the fruit), beets (two slices), corn (one teaspoon), olives (4-5 pieces), fried bread (4-6 croutons), nuts (3- 4) seeds (1 teaspoon).

5. Control the amount of salty foods due to the high content of vinegar: gherkins, onions, corn on the cob.

6. Do not overdo it with the amount of low-calorie animal products: eggs (half), fresh cheese (20 grams), ham (half a slice).

7. Dispense the amount of olive oil: if it remains on the plate, it means there was too much of it.

8. Give up high-calorie animal products: fatty cheese, bacon, sausages.

9. Avoid high-calorie sauces: mayonnaise, honey, mustard.

10. Eat slowly and chew well.

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How to replace "prohibited" products

If we want the salad to turn out not only healthy and light, but also help to lose weight and keep in shape, then the ingredients should be controlled. Nutritionist Marta Vallejo explains what foods can be substituted for the "forbidden" (this will change the taste, but will be beneficial):

  • Cereals (rice, pasta, or quinoa) are based on vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes, onions or peppers).
  • Chicken in batter - grilled chicken.
  • Fried croutons - whole grain bread croutons.
  • Bacon is an avocado.
  • Roasted and salted nuts - raw, with the same nutrients but less fat.
  • Fatty cheeses (goat, blue) - white or semi-hard.
  • High-calorie sauces (for example, "Caesar") - based on olive oil or yogurt.
  • Olives (very high in calories) - corn.
  • Fried onions - fresh fruit.
  • Soft drink (for drinking) - water (it moisturizes, it has no empty calories).

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