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What clothes should you buy to look your own in America


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America is a country that many associate with freedom and democracy. Moreover, such features can be traced not only in politics, but also in music, as well as in the way of life of the population of this amazing country. There is some freedom in the wardrobe.

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For example, no American woman will understand our girl who puts a full set of cosmetics on her face and pulls out festive shoes from the closet just to go for bread, writes Muesli.

In America, in a similar situation, a woman will simply put on the first thing that comes to hand and go to the store. And today we will tell you about this amazing American style.

Back in the days of “wild” America, a cowboy style was formed on its territory. Its feature is convenience and freedom of movement. To match this style, you do not need to spend a lot of money.

Surely in your closet there are worn jeans and a plaid shirt. And if you add black boots and a wide-brimmed hat to such elements of the image, the image will be impressive.

Features of American style: what you need to have in the wardrobe

What is American fashion?

First of all, it's jeans! They have been in great demand in all countries for many years. And in our time, no one attaches importance to the fact that denim was originally a material for creating work uniforms. Today, many businesses allow the use of regular jeans without frilly details, even as an element of office style.

But in everyday life you can wear original jeans decorated with rhinestones, rivets, various patches and stripes. You can combine them with bright T-shirts, all kinds of blouses, jackets, vests. And to complete the image you will need accessories: large earrings or bracelets.

Another feature of the American style is sports. In the wardrobe of every self-respecting American there are a huge number of T-shirts, T-shirts, baseball caps, sports jackets and, of course, sneakers.

By the way, the decoration of a sports suit with national symbolism, whether it is the flag of America or the Statue of Liberty, is very popular today in America.

Pay attention to the colors. As a rule, in the American wardrobe a lot of bright things. Gray, black and other dark shades are not popular. Therefore, if you really want to become like an American girl, put on things saturated tones. Americans adhere to the motto: dress comfortably, brightly, combine the incompatible, and you will be free.

How to choose a wardrobe

  • The complete lack of luxury in dresses. The simpler your image, the better.
  • Use of natural fabrics - linen, cotton, denim. Things made of such materials perfectly pass air. They are much easier to combine with shoes and a hat.
  • Preferred styles of adjacent and semi-adjacent silhouettes, free cut is possible. American fashion allows you to combine items with each other, creating many combinations for every day.
  • The presence of prints with the image of idols, cartoon characters, inscriptions.
  • Dresses from eminent couturiers, high heels are present in the wardrobe of American women, but they are worn in special cases: parties, business meetings. And for every day, women choose jeans, shirts, sneakers, cowboy boots.
  • There must be a sports set of clothes - pants, sweatshirts, jackets, t-shirts and T-shirts, as well as inexpensive sneakers bought at sales, sneakers.
  • The presence of all kinds of jeans. Americans are very fond of wearing shorts and do not refuse them even in cold weather.
  • Buying jewelry should be inexpensive, but of high quality. American women wear jewelry made of precious metals and stones only in solemn occasions.

The basic rule of makeup is - minimum cosmetics. Think for yourself, after all, brightly painted lips and thickly let down eyes cannot be combined with the American sports style of clothing.

By the way, in America, women can combine wardrobe items such as a lace dress, a leather jacket and wedge high boots. And, contrary to common sense, all this looks pretty pretty.

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If you look into American dressing room, you might be surprised. You will find there clothes that no one has worn for a long time, items that are worn very often, and things that have already grown out of. There will be a huge amount of underwear, hats, gloves in the closet. At the same time, most of the wardrobe remained from the grandmother, and no one will wear it anymore. However, it takes up a significant amount of space in the closet.

It is for this reason that every time the question arises of what outfit to wear to a party, an American woman complains that she has nothing to wear and runs to the store for another purchase. And the supply of unnecessary things is increasing. Perhaps this is one of those features of the fashion and life of American women, which should not be adopted.

Brands and ways to choose outfits are still easier here. Approximately 80% of Americans support their manufacturer only because such clothes are cheaper.

And no self-respecting American will not go shopping in search of a dress. A feature of American girls is that they prefer to shop in centralized stores and with the help of a consultant, they immediately choose a dress, shoes, accessories.

The special attitude of the inhabitants of America to headgear. Hats, baseball caps, caps, berets are actively worn here. Sometimes with the help of a hat, the entire selected image is played out. For example, a beautiful cowboy hat is suitable for denim clothes, a checkered cap for trousers, it is advisable to pick up a skirt for a skirt, and a baseball cap goes well with sportswear.

The attitude to shoes. On the streets you can meet a girl in a business suit and ballet shoes or sneakers. No one is surprised. Everyone knows - in the bag she carries an expensive beautiful pair of office shoes.

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American style for teens

Teenagers have a completely different vision of the world than adults. Sometimes the extravagance of their outfits can only be envied. This is not to say that the style of American teenagers is strikingly different from the fashion of adults. Except that there are no business suits and cocktail dresses.

The basis of their wardrobe is made up of various options for denim clothing and, as a complement to it, sweaters, shirts and t-shirts. They are not interested in new fashion trends. Do not use in their clothes natural fur, leather.

This is because at this age they do not have the necessary funds to acquire such things. As soon as the financial situation improves, more expensive things appear in the wardrobe of young Americans.

In general, adolescents have the same attitude towards clothing as adults. The main selection criteria are low cost, convenience and a sense of complete freedom.

As you can see, the American style of clothing is quite simple and comfortable. And if you want to follow it, try to dress as simply as possible. After all, if you think about it, then using this style in everyday life will make your life much easier. Anyway, you can sleep a little longer instead of “painting” your face to go to the store!

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