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What kind of cosmetics can not be used in the gym


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If you follow all the rules, then training and cosmetics are incompatible things. But what if we want to go to fitness with a full parade and not limit ourselves in the amount of cosmetics per square centimeter?

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An inside look: what happens to the skin during fitness

Redness of the skin and an increase in body temperature that occur during exercise can be compared with the effect of the sauna, writes Rambler. You remember your ruddy reflection in the mirror after fitness?

Recall that the skin is still an organ of excretion, so along with then you lose a large amount of toxins (and of course liquids).

What are we all about? And the fact that, sticking into the room, you need to replenish the supply of liquid - nothing supercomplex, ordinary water will do.

After playing sports, the skin feels like after a good Russian bath: the pores are open, the blood supply accelerates, the face turns red. Therefore, if after fitness does not clear the skin, all the conditions for the growth of bacteria and the appearance of acne appear.

Tonal means: to be or not to be

Before choosing a make-up for fitness, it is important to answer another, equally important question: why do you go to the gym? Paw eyes in the hope of meeting muscular Mr. Big or is it still working on a figure? Just do not be evil!

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So, if your goal is to pick up a new fan, then the topic can be minimized. Those processes that resemble a sauna will not be observed, and therefore, making visible from the other end of the gym using a tonal tool will not cause much harm.

It is a completely different story when full physical activity takes place. Here and intense sweating, and the expansion of the pores, so real athletes should not spoil the skin with tonal means and other cosmetics.

Keep in mind: even if you wipe the face on which the tone foundation was applied, with a clean towel, the result will be the same - the product will clog up in the pores. Therefore, in training it is better to abandon the use of tonal tools, including emulsions, fluids and all that jazz. During fitness, skin should breathe and work well.

Decorative cosmetics on fitness

If your plans in the fitness center include spectacular selfies and the rejection of cosmetics for you - an impossible feat, you should not be upset. Eye shadow, mascara and lipstick are still at your disposal. There is another nice bonus: you can use waterproof products.

Afterparty: skin cleansing after exercise

After training, it is necessary to cleanse the skin and take a shower, because sweat is an excellent medium for the reproduction of germs, streptococci and staphylococci (bu!).

Do not be lazy and take with a cleanser. And before you clean your face, wash your hands well - you are not alone in the hall.

After washing, apply face cream. And already on the cleaned skin, you can safely use the tone.

If you have forgotten your remedy, you can safely wash it with ordinary soap or gel, which is in the fitness center. It may be noticeable to dry the skin, but it is better to clean it in such a way than to leave dirt on the face and cause inflammation.

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