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What Americans consider indecent behavior: immigrant notes


Source: "50 shades of New York" on Yandex.Zen

In general, Americans cannot be called stiff. They are relaxed, like to fool around and are completely devoid of complexes, have an active life position and the habit of openly expressing their opinions, the author of the channel writes. "50 shades of New York" on Yandex.Zen.

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In the United States, it is not considered shameful to laugh out loud, fall apart in an armchair, eat on the go and chew gum. People here are polite, but relaxed and simple. At the same time, there are some unspoken rules of conduct, without knowing which you risk being branded as a rude and inadequate person. So, the Americans are not accepted:

Talk about age

It really is considered indecent if the conversation does not concern retirement or any specific topics. The USA has strict laws on age discrimination; ageism is widely condemned and is not considered the norm. And it affects everyday communication.

Staring at strangers

You and I are used to staring at strangers for our own pleasure, but here they don’t do that. This does not mean that you need to walk with your eyes down. But if there was visual contact, it is customary to smile, exchange a couple of phrases, say a compliment. That is, looking at a person is perceived as the beginning of a conversation.

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Avoid small talk

If you met with a neighbor at the elevator, it’s not enough just to say hello - it’s customary to exchange a couple of remarks here, preferably even jokes and jokes. Any business meeting is also supposed to start with a short conversation on an abstract topic in order to reduce the degree of formalism and create a comfortable environment for communication. And this happens very organically, without effort - a very pleasant habit, I recommend it.

Discuss other people's appearance

The states today are the territory of body positive and absolute acceptance. If you say about someone “well, she’s sitting there, in terrible roses”, they will not understand you and are unlikely to support you. And this applies not only to appearance. Condemnation as such is not considered acceptable in modern American society. Harsh criticism of another person, stigmatization of his lifestyle or appearance will present you in the eyes of others in the most unfavorable light.

Kissing woman hand

Contrary to stereotypes about atrocious feminists in the USA, it is considered normal to compliment a girl, open the door of a friend’s car or bring bags to a neighbor from the parking lot. When meeting a person of any gender, it is customary to either shake hands or cuddle. The second, of course, relates to informal communication. But kissing a lady’s hand is not worth it - it can be perceived as inappropriate steamy. They don’t start with kisses here.

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Complaining and whining

Of course, you can complain to a friend about a punctured tire or discuss with a friend the inappropriate behavior of a husband. But systematically pouring out negativity on your surroundings is considered bad form - it is customary here to take care of the mood, as well as the emotional state of other people and not overload them with your negativity.

Perhaps the most important points I have listed. Now you are definitely ready to meet with the American and you can bring down on him the full power of your charm!

Original column published on channel "50 shades of New York" on Yandex.Zen

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