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What kind of things are shy about American women, unlike Russian women


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The difference in the mentality of foreign women and Russian women is well known and has been repeatedly discussed in every way. It is believed that residents of the United States and Europe are more emancipated, liberated and devoid of prejudice, and therefore feel much freer in society than our compatriots. At the same time, some traditions and habits, which are the norm for our compatriots, can really shock foreign women.

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Bright makeup and revealing outfits

Talks about the specific taste of Russian women in clothes have already snapped up, but this emancipation, when demonstrating “all the best at once,” still significantly distinguishes our women from American and European women, writes Clever. In everyday life, foreigners prefer to wear comfortable shoes without heels, give preference to discreet and practical clothes, avoid deep necklines and try not to brighten up brightly without any special reason.

Russian women do not hesitate to be in full dress always and under any circumstances, therefore they even mince ice on the streets with stiletto heels and a miniskirt, go to the supermarket for food with a “war paint” on their faces, and pass the heat so that passers-by involuntarily they feel not in the center of the metropolis, but on the beach. However, in fairness, it should be noted that over the past decade, girls in large Russian cities have slowly adopted the Western trend for simplicity and convenience and are no longer in such contrast with Europeans.

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Fur, and only

All for the same reason, respect for the environment in America and Europe, products from natural fur are considered bad form. Large chain stores have long abandoned the sale of down jackets with fur collars and fur hats, and animal rights activists can even dye a passerby with paint (for example, in the same Germany) if he appears on the street in natural fur and regularly hold demonstrations . Russian women, on the contrary, love natural fur and gladly flaunt in expensive fur coats and short fur coats, thereby wanting not only to warm themselves in the harsh Russian winter, but also to emphasize their status.

A man to help

The relentless struggle with gender stereotypes encourages Americans and Europeans to become more independent, while our women still leave men with the role of the "stronger sex", allowing the man to pay for himself and fulfill the role of "breadwinner". So, according to VTsIOM, 64% of Russians think that a man should earn money first of all, whereas in the Western world the equal contribution of spouses to the family budget is considered the norm, and a higher salary of a wife is not considered something reprehensible.

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Lei-lei, do not be sorry!

In the USA and Europe, they attach great importance to environmental issues, in particular, the problem of fresh water. In European countries, however, they save on water much more than in America. For example, Europeans are trying to reduce domestic water use to the maximum, all the more so since utilities are not cheap at all. Thus, according to official data, in Germany over the past decade and a half, water consumption has decreased by 10%, and less than 130 liters of water per day is considered the norm for one person. The average German woman spends only about 44 liters on showers and hygiene procedures daily. To minimize daily water consumption, women, when washing and brushing their teeth, plug the drain hole in the sink, turn off the water tap during soaping while washing, wash their hair no more than once every few days, and in some English and German families they even wash in one and the same same water with households.

The same applies to the household. A European woman will never wash one dish under running water after each meal, and will prefer to carefully store the dirty dishes in the dishwasher until it is full enough. In some countries, frequent washing of bedding is considered an inadmissible luxury: English housewives do this no more than once a month, and 500 of thousands of them admit that washing their bedding does not occur more than once a year.

In Russia, it is not accepted to save water, and, according to the Rospotrebnadzor, the daily rate of water consumption is 250 liters per Russian. To the horror of foreigners, Russian women do not hesitate to take a daily shower for half an hour or more, allow running water to freely go into the sewers during morning procedures, generously consume water when cleaning, washing and washing dishes, and appearing in public with a stale head is simply considered unacceptable .

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