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What things should not be used immediately after purchase


Source: Rambler

After a successful shopping, you want to take advantage of new things as soon as possible - put on and go out, and maybe decorate the house. In a word, apply as directed. Take your time: some items require processing before first use. And we're not talking about products.

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1. Clothes

New thing does not mean that clean, notes Rambler. In the store she grabbed hundreds of hands and measured tens of people. And how and where it was stored, we certainly do not know. Be sure to wash shirts and skirts before wearing.

2. Footwear

The fact that shoes can not be measured on bare feet, everyone knows. It's not even a fungus that scares pharmaceutical manufacturers. According to the examinations, since many people before you could measure any shoes, it is likely that she has kept all their sores and microorganisms on them. New shoes just once treated with alcohol or diluted with vinegar.

3. Linens

No one measured or touched the sheets and pillowcases, but at the final stage of their production certain chemicals are used - formaldehyde and urea-formaldehyde resin for protection during packaging and transportation. Wash before use.

4. Dishes

We all ate from plastic dishes that we just got out of the package. However, new glass cups and porcelain plates should be washed before serving, but the cast-iron pans are even heated with salt.

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