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What hashtags can not be used to not attract the attention of pedophiles


Source: The Daily Mail

Parents of small children just love to publish photos of babies on their social networks - we are bathing here, sitting on a pot, but in this picture we are naked under the sun.

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According to statistics, the average parent will publish about 1500 pictures of his child by the time he turns five. Unfortunately, all this is not as harmless as it seems, writes The Daily Mail.

Innocent, at first glance, photos can be used for the most disgusting purposes by strangers from the Internet. And if you put some hashtags, it becomes easier for ill-wishers to get a picture of your child. 50% of photos on sites that pedophiles are interested in, were taken from the pages of parents in social networks, says frightening statistics.

The chairman of the Coalition for the Salvation of Children, David Angelou, warns parents: pedophiles most often look for tags, such as #BathTime, #NakedKids and #ToiletTraining, which, by the way, use not only English-speaking, but also Russian-speaking parents, especially those living in the USA.

Whatever tag you come up with, it is worthwhile to include logic and imagination: any word or phrase, potentially associated with the opportunity to see a half-naked or naked child in a photo, can be a reason.

“The result could be an entire generation of kids who grow up and realize that their years of privacy have been scrutinized on the Internet. And it can be dangerous, ”says the expert.

Angelou launched an online campaign that should alert parents and encourage them to hide photos of young children, setting appropriate privacy settings. Moreover, such pictures are always published without the consent of the child - he cannot give it because of his age.

It is important to know:

  • It is not recommended to use the definition of geolocation: if desired, it is easy to track where your child lives, learns and often.
  • It is not necessary to publish the image of a house or street, school or kindergarten - all this can be more dangerous than it seems.
  • Experts strongly advise, among other things, to ask the consent of the child and allow him to choose photos that you publish as soon as he can do it.

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