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What things can not be stored at home: 15 popular signs that are important to know



Popular wisdom is a storehouse of valuable advice aimed at improving life. With the help of signs, everyone will be able to turn their home into a comfortable home, where there is no place for negative energy and problems, writes

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Each dwelling is individual: one needs a lot of decoration for comfort, while others prefer minimalism. One way or another, but every house can be cluttered over time, and many things will not only take up space, but also affect the mood in the best way. The experts of offer to get acquainted with a list of objects that have no place in any home, because their energy is destructive and does not bring any benefit.

1. Old shoes. Well-worn slippers, torn sneakers or other shoes that have fallen into disrepair, not only litter the space, but also become a source of problems. The energy of old shoes closes the path to material well-being, and over time, financial flows are depleted, leaving people only crumbs of former luxury.

2. Broken watch. A clock that has fallen into disrepair, by tradition, carries a charge of negative energy. Their influence causes people to be late or rushed, feel insecure, and make mistakes. If the clock is broken and cannot be repaired, then it is better to get rid of such an object.

3. Broom. Old brooms accumulate dirt and negative energy, so it is so important to change the cleaning agent in a timely manner. An old broom carries diseases and attracts negativity, and, moreover, has an untidy look.

4. Appliances. It is better to throw away the washing machine, telephone, hairdryer and other household items that have become unusable. As you can see, any broken utensils in the house - to losses and illnesses. Broken things block positive energy, and in the life of people, “breakdowns”, which are called the failure zone, also begin to occur.

5. Mirrors and glasses. The mirror is considered a mystical object, so it should be clean and without chips. Broken mirrors and glass cannot be stored in the house for security reasons, and also in order not to cause trouble for family members.

6. Old photos. The energy of old photos with a defect does not bring anything useful for home and family. Old archives accumulate negative energy, and defects in the image of people bring them troubles. The same goes for photographs of deceased people. In today's world, you can easily digitize commemorative photographs, leaving them on digital media.

7. Dishes. Nobody can do without dishes, but storing cups with chips and plates with cracks in the house is fraught with problems. In addition to cuts and bacteria in the cracks, such dishes carry destructive energy that affects all members of the family. As you can see, broken dishes must be immediately discarded so as not to attract troubles and financial problems.

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8. Other people's things. Things forgotten by guests must be returned or thrown away if they are unnecessary to the owners. Someone else’s energy can be fatal, so someone else’s is always taken away from home, so as not to drag the troubles of the owners of forgotten objects.

9. Gifts. Not every gift carries creative energy. Sometimes presents have to be received from people who are unpleasant and cause negative emotions. It is better not to leave such gifts at home. They can become a source of many problems, including turning the house into a psychologically uncomfortable place.

10. Charms and talismans. Each talisman or amulet has a unique power that can protect the house and family members from many troubles, but they also fail. Broken gizmos are no longer able to protect, and they need to be replaced with new ones in a timely manner.

11. Wallets and piggy banks. These items must be new and without damage. Old wallets with holes or a battered look, piggy banks glued from parts or with visible defects will not become sources of wealth and prosperity. According to signs, a torn wallet or a broken piggy bank - to losses.

12. Flowers. Of course, fresh flowers look beautiful and create comfort in the interior of any room. However, not every flower can be left at home. There are vampire plants that draw out positive energy and attract only trouble.

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13. New Year tree. Many people have beautifully decorated wood at home for too long and absorb the negativity. Living trees must be cleaned immediately after the holidays, without waiting for them to dry. The same applies to artificial spruces, which are cleaned, previously washed and dried.

14. Things of the dead. The memory of loved ones should live in the hearts, and it is better not to store objects left from them at home. The same applies to urns with ashes or items from the cemetery. None of these things will bring joy, but only become a source of problems in all areas of life.

15. Skins and horns. Decorating houses with animal remains is a bad habit, which is worth getting rid of. The energy of the dead should not be present where people live. For such items as stuffed animals, hides, horns and even shells, a separate room is allocated if a person is engaged in hunting and wants to leave trophies in memory.

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