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'What thin legs!': Adele first showed her figure after extreme weight loss


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The very thinner singer Adele for the first time in a long time posted a photo on her Instagram. In the picture taken on the day of the 32nd anniversary of the artist, she appeared in a short dress, emphasizing slender legs, writes "".


For the first time since December last year, British singer Adele delighted fans with Instagram photography. The singer published a picture taken on the day of her 32nd birthday and thanked the medical staff for their hard work during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Thank you for a wonderful birthday. I hope that you all remain safe and healthy during this crazy time.

I would like to say thanks to our main rescuers - medical workers, thanks to whom we are safe! You are our true angels, ”Adele wrote under the photograph.

Fans and colleagues appreciated the kindness and attention of the singer to the work of doctors, and also drew attention to the amazing transformation of her appearance.

“What thin legs!”,


"You look great!",

“You look like a trillion dollars,”

“You worked so hard to look like that, and I'm so glad you reached your goal! But I want to say that for me you have always been and remain a spectacular, beautiful and sexy woman, ”the followers of the artist wrote.

Over the past year, Adele has lost several tens of kilograms due to diet and training. In January, singer nutritionist Camila Goodies revealed her secret to losing weight in a Daily Mail commentary. According to experts, the greatest role in changing the appearance of a celebrity was played by proper nutrition.

“Adele’s transformation comes down to 90% on a proper diet, not exercise,” Goodies said.

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She added that thanks to her strong desire to achieve the dream figure, Adele clearly followed the proposed menu. The singer followed a sirtfood diet consisting in a complete rejection of sugar, carbonated drinks and white flour baking. The nutrition system is based on the use of products that contribute to the formation of sirtuins in the body - proteins that eliminate excessive appetite and trigger an anti-aging effect.

The list of sirtfood products includes buckwheat, olive oil, coffee, green tea, greens, cabbage, chicory, soy, shrimp, dark berries, citrus fruits, dark chocolate, dates and red wine. Proper nutrition and a calorie deficit helped the singer lose weight and improve her health.

“It was a tough weight loss, but it withstood,” said Goodies. “She adjusts her diet herself, does not overeat, and feels great.”

At one of the closed parties to mark the Oscars 2020, many did not recognize Adele, who rarely posts her photos on social networks.


Last spring, it became known that singer and businessman Simon Konekki file for divorce. They were together for seven years and were married for three. Insiders said the couple broke up because their feelings faded.

“Over time, their relationship became more friendly than romantic. They are both upset and disappointed, but their love has turned into friendship, and this cannot be changed, ”the sources said.

Despite the singer’s announcement of leaving the stage, in February the People portal announced that Adele announced a new album during a performance at a friend’s wedding. Insiders said that the release of the album is scheduled for September 2020.

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