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What plastic surgery is popular in America


Source: Journal of Health

Each year, the American community of plastic surgeons charts the most popular trends in plastic surgery. In 2018, non-invasive procedures have distinguished themselves by an exponential increase in popularity. And this direction will only develop in 2019.

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For this, the “stars” have developed in the best possible way: the techniques of using various fillers, lasers and injections are constantly being improved; they require significantly less time to recover; and increasingly, people decide to improve their appearance, to always be Instagram-ready, writes Journal of Health.

And the beauty industry has something to offer! A new plastic surgeon from New York, Dr. Konstantin Vasiukevich, talks about the new creative areas of non-surgical facial rejuvenation and face correction.

Eye Fillers

For hyaluronic acid fillers - Juvederm, Restylane and Belotero - you should take a closer look if you want to adjust the area around the eyes without using a scalpel. Various combinations of fillers make it possible to smooth out wrinkles, fill in hollow areas and hide dark circles. Preparations differ in their consistency, ability to add volume and duration of effect; therefore, a personal “cocktail” can be made up of them - the choice will depend on what problems the patient wants to address.

Botox for the chin line

Chewing muscles are very strong, and in people suffering from bruxism (gnashing of teeth), they are able to "pump up", increase in size and make the face visually more square. Botox allows them to relax and reduce in size. As a result, the lower part of the face narrows and becomes more youthful. In addition, this cosmetic, at first glance, the procedure can also relieve migraines caused by stress and gnashing of teeth - the jaw relaxes, stress is relieved from the face, and the recovery period is almost absent.

Chin Enhancement

Improve the contour of the entire face can be less than an hour with just one chin correction. Not every one of us has endowed Clark Kent or Jennifer Lopez with a strong chin, so even a small increase in this part of the face with skin fillers is an effective (and completely safe!) Way to correct this flaw in nature and balance the outlines of the face. In addition, modern fillers have moisturizing properties, so with them you will improve not only the facial contour, but also the skin condition.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty - correction of the nose - can be done not only with a scalpel: thanks to the latest generation skin fillers, you can change the tip of the nose or add volume to the nose bridge without surgical intervention. Both a plus and a minus of this technique is that the result keeps 6-12 months: on the one hand, the form you like will need to be updated over time, on the other, you can “try on” a new form before you decide on a permanent and more expensive surgical correction.

Hand rejuvenation

Age give out not only wrinkles and loose skin, but also the condition of hands. It is the skin of the hands that experiences sharp temperature fluctuations, which is why it begins to show signs of aging early enough. Wreaths and tendons appear under the thinning skin of the hands, and over the years dark spots also creep in on it. Radiesse filler, better than other means, copes with this problem, instantly restoring lost volume, smoothing the skin and making wreaths and tendons almost invisible.

Smoothing "rings of Venus"

Constant viewing of social networks in a smartphone with its head down leads to an unexpected problem: the appearance of ring wrinkles on the neck. Smoothing them on such a moving part of the body with the help of Botox is almost impossible, therefore fillers come to the rescue. A very small dose of filler with hyaluronic acid, administered along the horizontal wrinkle line, almost completely smoothes it out in just ten minutes - with an effect of about a year.

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