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What are the manners of Russian women considered toxic in other countries


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We all meet such people: seemingly sweet and caring people, but they have a destructive effect on everyone who is near them. Perhaps these are the habits of collectivism that remained with us even after the collapse of the "land of the Soviets." And although we ourselves already guess that we need to get rid of such manners, in the West they are considered signs of toxicity and try to stay away from such people, writes "Smart".

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Breaking personal boundaries

Russian girls and women just love to know all the details of someone else's personal life and give advice that they were not asked about. They ask tactless questions and make caustic comments: “When will you get married?”, “Are you going to have children?”, “Oh, something got better!”

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Victims of circumstances

Another sign of a toxic person, which is also inherent in Russian girls, is that they always become a victim of circumstances. They always blame someone else. They cannot find work because there are no connections, problems in their personal life are always due to the second half, and in general, someone always intentionally spoils their life and mood. They often ask for help, wait for advice, although they are really just looking for a listener.

Compare and envy

Of course, the neighbor’s grass is always greener, but it’s not easier for the neighbor. To know that you are in the company of a person who constantly evaluates you is very unpleasant. Unfortunately, among residents of the post-Soviet space this habit has become a bit grotesque. Our women are constantly trying to be "no worse", but better - "so that everyone envies."

Unsolicited Help

Some women lack a superhero cloak. They really believe that without their help, the lives of others will fall apart. Such overactive people do a lot for others and, of course, expect gratitude in return. The fact that no one asked for their help, for some reason they prefer to forget and even get offended if they delicately remind them of this.

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The Russian people still believe that it is best to highlight errors in red, not paying attention to the positive points. Indeed, why praise a person for being so good? This attitude towards others provokes depression and low self-esteem, and in the Internet space Russians have long been assigned the title of the most toxic commentators.

Being close to such people is unpleasant for anyone. But we, unfortunately, are much more accustomed to such communication and often do not pay attention to it, thereby allowing others to violate their borders. Europeans and Americans, in view of individualistic consciousness, treat such people much more categorically and by all means try to avoid communicating with them.

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