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What beauty tricks are used by American women to look perfect


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The USA is a multinational country, each state has its own culture and standard of living. In this territory, you can see not only all the manifestations of self-expression, but also general trends, in which the American style is unmistakably recognizable. For some, American style means beautiful skin, perfect hair and teeth. For others, bright makeup and bronze-colored skin. There is no contradiction here - both of these options coexist perfectly in the United States.

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Learn the basic principles of beauty in American offers Joy by joy.

Humidification and SPF

Americans are obsessed with moisturizing products and any products containing SPF. Since in many US states there is a hot climate and active sun almost all year round, protection of the skin and its health is always a priority.

“Many women in Russia and Europe still believe that tanned skin is healthier,” says Marianna Blumin-Karasik, MD, a dermatologist at the Institute for Cosmetic Research. Bauman in Miami.

But American women are very vigilant about sun protection. As a result, they have less age pigment spots and more elastic skin even in adulthood.

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Impeccable skin tone

To smooth and improve skin tone, American women work with beauty products and tonal foundations with medium and dense coverage. This partly explains the current fashion boom on American tonal foundations from pop stars and beauty bloggers. An American woman never saves her skin, but she can easily buy mascara or lipstick from a mass market.

The second secret of the ideal tone is the use of moisturizing and matting mists, invisible veils, which are sprayed on the finished makeup. This allows you to "blind" all the layers, remove peeling, visible layer of powder and prolong the resistance of the makeup.

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In whatever condition the American woman was, she would brush her teeth two, sometimes three times a day, and after each meal she would rinse her mouth with special means. Teeth whitening is a routine procedure that everyone goes through. The result is the same Hollywood smile that has become the hallmark of the country.

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According to statistics, about 70% of women in the United States dye their hair. Colors are very developed in America. The fashion for the latest dyeing techniques, as a rule, comes to us from overseas. Hair of American women is flawless in all aspects - color, haircut, smoothness and density - this has already become a kind of symbol of the American beauty style. They really spend long hours trying to find the perfect shade for their skin tone, and they always use the entire line of products - shampoo, balm, leave-in care, end product, thermal protection. But they are not fond of styling, preferring naturalness.

Clean and smooth body

No matter how strange it may sound, but the Americans are literally obsessed with the cleanliness of their skin, they take a shower several times a day, using soft cleansers. They are very picky about the smell - use the strongest aluminum deodorants, and their body lotions should always smell delicious. Epilation do total, preferring classic wax or shugaring.

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Makeup arsenal of an American

American's daily makeup - well-developed eyebrows, matte smooth skin, a drawn contour of the upper mucous membrane, thick eyelashes and lip balm. Well, for the publication they do not spare the time to create complex creative images.

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Let's go through the basic list of what lies in the beautician of an American, not indifferent to the world of beauty.

  • Primer - moisturizing or smoothing (silicone). As we already said, residents of the USA never skimp on moisturizing, and owners of oily skin always wage war with enlarged pores, in which they are helped by silicone-based products. Shimmering primers are rarely used - this role is more often taken on by pond highlighters.
  • Dense tone foundation. However, density does not mean visibility, modern tones have a light texture, but with a dense coating.
  • Concealer. Also dense, usually on a tone two lighter than the tonal framework.
  • The transparent fixing powder. Concealer must be fixed to it, and then distributed with a large fluffy brush over the entire face.
  • Basic palette of eye shadow. If Korean and Japanese women more often use flickering shadows, and European women prefer satin, then American women in everyday life appreciate matte highly pigmented shades of basic shades - brown, beige, bronze, taupovye, black.
  • Mascara. American women prefer active eyelashes, false eyelashes are often used. This was not always the case - these are rather the latest trends introduced by American beauty bloggers.
  • Matte lipstick nude and bright hue. The same rule applies as with the tonal basis - the coating must be dense.
  • Moisturizing lip balm with a touch and without. Used to protect the skin of the lips, everyday makeup, as well as to recover from the use of matte lipstick.
  • Contouring products. Yes, the Kardashian family has infected the world with this. Despite the fact that the fashion for hard contouring is gradually fading away, the main principles remain. American women rarely try to reproduce the natural blush, preferring a slightly bronze tint to the face and highlighted cheekbones.

But the main thing is to learn from the residents of the United States - self-confidence. It is this confidence that allows them to look so good both in the complete absence of makeup and in a bright image.

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