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What cereal is most harmful to the body


Source: Rambler

There is a view that cereals - the perfect diet meal. Especially when it comes to a hearty breakfast.

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In fact, not all cereals are equally harmless to the body, and it is better not to get involved in some of them, writes Rambler.

From the point of view of nutritionists, in cereals, which are the basis of most cereals, too much starch, which in the body turns into glucose. Excess glucose becomes fat. Therefore, diabetics generally should not get involved in cereals.

If a person is not involved in sports professionally, then you should choose porridge with a low glycemic index (GI), which indicates the degree of food impact on the level of sugar in the body.

Based on this indicator, the most useful cereals are barley and pea (20-30 GI), buckwheat in third place (50-55 GI).

The most harmful porridge, with GI from 70 to 80 - is corn. It is followed by semolina (65-80) and rice (50-70).

Oatmeal and millet porridge (40-65) - the choice for those who prefer a middle ground.

Naturally, the variety of cereals and its pretreatment affect the difference in GI. Therefore, brown and wild rice (XI 50) is more useful than white.

But porridge is a source of not only carbohydrates, but also vegetable proteins. And in this sense, rice porridge is inferior to all of its "colleagues" - only 7 g of protein for every 100 g. For others, the amount of protein varies from 9 to 11 g.

Do you eat porridge in the morning? Which one do you prefer?

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