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How do children-hostages live in rich families


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Sad notes of the organizer of happy holidays. Today - the story is not so much about a five-year-old boy, but about his dad.

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Usually I write about the problem of “onizhedeti” - “yazhem”, I tell tragicomic stories that happened to me during the children's holidays, I collect my mental collection of children's images called “UNEAD”, writes on Yandex Zen Olga Tikhonov.


I once worked as a game escort in a very expensive restaurant. “Play accompaniment” is a service provided by event agencies: working with children during an adult event.

An adult's birthday is being celebrated, among the guests there are 6-7 children of different ages, including the son of the birthday girl Vanyusha, a five-year-old boy of amazing appearance. Looking at him, it seems that an angel descended into the world from a painting by a Renaissance artist. Therefore, everyone calls him nothing but “Vanyusha”.

Adults walk, eat, drink - everything is as usual. Among adults, I notice a young African-American woman with an exceptionally dark skin color (gray-black-brown) and very terrible unpleasant facial features. This was not the first time I worked with this family and had never seen a girl before.

Find out who that is? It turns out this is a new English-speaking governess Vanyushi. She does not understand a word of Russian, and Vanya is afraid of her like a fire. (Honestly, even I was unpleasant to be with her.)

Everything goes on as usual, and suddenly Vanyusha's dad (the husband of the birthday girl), pretty drunk, demands to bring his son before his eyes. The child is afraid to go, but he goes. Dad grabs his hand, pulls him to the governess and almost throws the boy at her feet with the words: "Learn English!"

Dad yells, petty sobs, the governess is chewing and blinking something.

I got the impression that the governess is very stupid, it is unclear how she got into this family (maybe she was sold into slavery, honestly!) And she doesn't care: both Vanya and English ... the main thing is to feed them.

The birthday mom distracts dad, I take Vanyusha and we leave with the children to play away from the adults. We play in the lobby of the restaurant, sitting on the floor. There is no other place, the time is late (eleven o'clock), the children are tired, they can no longer stand on their feet, let alone run, and I organize “quiet” games.

Some more time passes ...

And now to us in the lobby papa falls out with a pistol in his hand and the demand to give him Vanya, who immediately at twelve o'clock at night must go to learn English with a governess. Vanyusha yells, with me 6 other people's children, no protection, no other adults nearby ...

I understand that I will not give Vanyusha to him, because dad is not adequate, and I am a teacher.

Here, to my luck, the mother of Vanyushi and one of the women runs out, they hang on the father, and I command the children: run to the parents! The children rush to the fathers and mothers, but I grab Vanya in his arms and drag him to the bar by the bar where we hide with him while his father runs around the restaurant, swinging the trunk and demanding a child.

That time everything ended well. Dad drank too much and was tired of training. Then through the kitchen the boy and grandmother were taken outside, and they left.

I worked another hour with the remaining children. Mama Vanyushi, paying me, asked if I want to work with them as a governess abroad. I refused.

I was not given tea.

The image of "Vanyusha" - a hostage in his family, will forever remain in my mental collection under the name: "UNDERGED".

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