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How does an American woman live who spent 11 years in captivity by a maniac


Source: The Daily Mail

This wedding would not be something out of the ordinary, but the attention of Americans was attracted by the fate of the bride - now happy wife - Michelle Knight, one of the most seriously injured victims of Cleveland maniac Ariel Castro.

Photo: Dr Phil / YouTube video frame

In 2002-2004, Castro kidnapped three young women - 14, 16 and 20 years old (the last was Michelle, who had a two-year-old son) and kept them in the "house of horrors" for almost 11 years, cruelly mocking the captives, says The Daily Mail. After his release, doctors forbade men to even appear in the field of view of victims, so strong was their shock.

Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina Dehesus, a man held in the basement, chained and wearing motorcycle helmets on their heads. He fed them once a day, forbidding them to go to the toilet, systematically raping and beating. Michel had five miscarriages, which provoked the brutal beatings of the rapist and the torment he endured. One day, he forced a young woman to take a difficult birth from Amanda, and immediately after the birth of the child, Michelle was raped.

On May 6, 2013, Amanda managed to kick the door down and run away, after which the maniac was arrested. Upon learning about the confiscation of the "house of horrors" (later it was demolished), Castro burst into tears, saying that the house was "complete harmony" and a lot of "happy memories."

Michelle had the worst of all - she was the oldest and more than once provoked the aggression of the criminal in order to protect other girls.

At the trial, she told him: “I was in hell for 11 years. You owe me a favor. Your hell is just beginning. ”

Doctors said that women would never recover, since the criminal had irretrievably broken their psyche and bodies. Ariel Castro was sentenced to 1000 years in prison. A few months after his arrest, in September 2013, he hanged himself in his cell, despite the fact that security guards checked the premises every half hour.

Photo: Dr Phil / YouTube video frame

The strong-willed “little Michelle”, as the doctors who rehabilitated the girls called, was able to overcome her fear of men and happily married three years after her release from captivity. The woman, who is now 36 years old, spoke about this on the TV show of Dr. Phil a few days ago. Michelle, as the newspaper writes, looked healthy and happy.

Her husband is 39 years old and his name is Mario, the wedding took place in May 2016. In a month, as the woman said, her new book “Life After Darkness: My Way to Happiness” will be released (in 2014, Michelle published the book “In Search of Me”, which became very successful).

Michelle was going to pick up her two-year-old son from the kindergarten, when the maniac started a conversation with her and promised to give the baby a puppy. 20-year-old girl became interested and agreed to get into his car. So she ended up in prison, which lasted almost 11 years.

According to the woman, she still does not fully believe that this was all true. After being released, Michelle Knight changed her name to Lily Rose.

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